Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Woman Who Helped Me

Me and Mom at my University graduation, May 2008
 I have had many women in my life help me. I have had all female bosses at the many jobs I have held, have a couple of lovely friends who are always there to lend a hand if I need it, and I have even had a couple of female cats who were the best companions anyone could ever ask for. But one woman has helped me more than any other, in ways that were conscious on her part and I'm sure in ways that she is not even aware of.

I was born on mom's 38th birthday (December 11, 1984), the fourth and last stop on her long, arduous journey through motherhood. This journey started when my mom was only 17 years old and at a time in history when teenage pregnancy was an unimaginable horror that only served to earn you an entry in the Book of Eternal Shame. Being a young woman in the mid-1960's, her only choice was to have the baby and get married.

You could say that was the moment when her childhood ended, and the dreams that she had for herself were pushed aside, only to be picked up again during a period of personal renewal many decades later. Pushed aside to fulfill the duty of "mother" to my new baby brother, and later to another boy and two girls.

Because the fates seem to have a cruel sense of humour, along with this brood it also decided to give her not one abusive, alcoholic husband to take care of, but two, force her into the lifestyle labeled, "Single Mom" whether she liked it or not and later took her first true, respectful love (after so many years of waiting for it) much too early. Always someone else's needs to address, always someone wanting a piece of her, all of her, and yet none all at the same time, and always one step forward, two steps back.
Although this may not be the life that my mother imagined for herself when she was a teenager, it appears as though it was in fact her destiny as she has fulfilled the position given to her better than I am sure she ever expected to. She was always meant to help people – this is the entire reason for being of a nurse and mother – and always would have found a way to do that no matter what path she followed.

As much as the path she did take and the sorrows it has brought her pains me, I am very grateful she did take it because if she hadn’t, I would not have been the lucky recipient of her gracious, selfless help, and we would not be the people we are now to each other – best friends.

How has this woman helped me? She has helped me understand the world. She has helped me believe in myself. She has helped me become independent, level-headed, and grateful. She has seen me at my worst and best and loved me either way. She has helped me never to let life get me down and to always move forward. She has helped me be smart and alert, but also to have fun and relax.

She has helped me become the person I am today, and what more could a daughter ask for?


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Monday, April 25, 2011

We're a Couple of Swells...

This is a little late, but better late than ever...besides a musical is nice on any day of the year!

Hope everyone had a good Easter! To be honest, Easter isn't a big thing for me or my family - we are not religious and I am on Weight Watchers so I DEFINITELY didn't want any candy (well, I WANTED candy, I'm just not allowing myself to have it, that's all). Also, I've been super busy and stressed at work getting ready for a large Conference happening this week, so I just wasn't up for anything major. I really wanted to get away and have a change of scene, so when my boyfriend suggested we take a road trip to PEI, I was on board 100%! It was a lot of fun. We have a lot of fun together, and I'm very grateful to have someone in my life that makes me laugh so much and feel so good (as the risk of sounding cheesy). He pointed out to me that Friday was the 6-month anniversary of our first date! How cute is that?! And how bad of a gf am I for not even remembering? lol.

Anyway, one thing I do love about Easter is this movie. It's one of my favourites ever, and if you haven't seen it, you really need to watch it now. I love these old musicals - they are just so upbeat and fun. They just don't make movies like that anymore, as cliched as it sounds. I challenge you to watch one and NOT be in a good mood when it's over. Plus, the clothes are BEAUTIFUL. I sometimes wish people still got dressed up and paraded around - you know, spent TIME on their appearance! (I'm looking at you boys wearing jeans hanging down to your knees).

This is one Easter tradition that I always try to stick with...

Observe the awesomeness (a sample of a few of my fav scenes):

(#1 FAV! "Plum crazy for drums...")

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer Concert

I am really looking forward to an outdoor concert in July (U2 is headlining and I've always wanted to see them live!), and with all this talk of Coachella fashion lately (jealous) it's got me thinking about what I will end up wearing. 

You definitely have to dress practically for these things - especially in Atlantic Canada because there is a 90% chance it will end up raining at some point (plus you are on your feet pretty much all day and/or sitting on dirt). Practical footwear is number one (nothing is more uncomfortable than wet feet (wet=cold), plus who wants their toes stepped on by massive and dirty boots and sneakers?!

Layers are important as well because it usually gets a bit chillier once the sun goes down (so a light sweater under a light jacket is a good idea). A hat and sunglasses are also smart so that your face doesn't burn and your hair doesn't blow around in a massive knot-tornado (I don't know about your hair, but the wind tends to take mine and whip it around harder than Willow Smith. It ain't pretty, so a hat helps keep it in check). 

However, it's always important to look cute as well as practical! Therefore, I love the fun print on the cardigan, the stripes on the romper, the vibrant colour on the sunglasses, and the quirky (and entirely appropos considering the event) ipod earphone necklace.

All in all, the perfect outdoor concert outfit!
Can't wait!

Happy weekend all (I love 3-day weekends, did I mention that?* I'm off to Prince Edward Island all weekend with the boy for some hiking, shopping, relaxing and general exploring. I really need a change of scene and to just "get away". What are you up to?)

*I'm also addicted to Polyvore, but I think I've said that many times

Summer Concert

Summer Concert by shortfuuse featuring a hooded coat
V neck cardigan
$72 -

Toast hooded coat
175 GBP -

Striped romper
$16 -

H by Hudson leather shoes
295 CAD -

Fat Face cross body satchel
35 GBP -

Gold heart necklace
70 GBP -

D g sunglass
$135 -

city walk fedora
$48 -

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Your Cheatin' Heart

I have been thinking a lot about cheating the last couple of days.

...ok, allow me to rephrase: I have been thinking a lot about why people cheat and what is considered cheating (not actually committing the ACT of cheating).

I watched a show last night where someone cheated on their gf a few months before, then tried (in vain) to make her take them back. I watched another show where two characters were in an "open relationship" and therefore (basically) cheated on each other on a regular basis. I also watched the first part of The Kennedy's miniseries, and one scene really stuck with me, where Joe Kennedy (John F and Bobby's father) is kissing his former mistress before she leaves his home for the night (after working there all day on John F's campaign) and the camera cuts to his wife watching the whole thing. His wife (Rose) then tells the girl it's probably chilly and asks if she needs to borrow a coat, not even acknowledging what she just witnessed.

Seeing these various displays of cheating and its aftermath is what originally got my mind rolling, but of course I think it's safe to say it's a universal issue that affects pretty much everyone at one time or another (and it's, therefore, probably something we all ponder at one time or another).

Now, I (thankfully) have never been cheated on (as far as I know), nor have I ever cheated on a partner so I can't really speak from experience on this one. But what I do know is that I would NEVER cheat on someone. EVER. And I really don't understand why someone would do it to another person.

To me, cheating is the ultimate betrayal and hurtful act in a relationship. And cheating is not only a betrayal - it involves lying and sneaking around behind your partner's back in some way - but it is also a way of saying (without actually using the words), any one or more of the following: You are not enough for me. You don't give me what I need. I am not satisfied being with you. I don't have any respect for you or your feelings. I am self-absorbed.

This may sound harsh, but I just don't understand how you could cheat on someone if you really care about them. If you really care about someone, you care about their happiness and their feelings. I don't see how you could betray someone whose happiness and feelings mean that much to you, so if you cheat on someone it must mean that their happiness and feelings really don't mean as much to you as you (or they) think.

I realize that not all situation are as black and white as that - sometimes you and your partner have problems. Sometimes the person being cheated ON does not treat you the way you should be treated. Sometimes people come into your life or situations happen to you that sweep you off your feet, compromise your judgment, and persuade you to make a bad decision.
However, I firmly believe that this is still not an excuse for cheating. If you are having problems in your relationship, the solution is to sit down with your partner and discuss them like adults. Chances are, if one or both of you are feeling that your needs are not met, talking this out, putting it out in the open can help solve these issues. If your partner is not willing to listen to you, change or discuss anything then that is the time to make your exit (and I mean completely out of the relationship, not to the bed of some other guy/girl).

And, if a situation presents itself to you that encourages you to cheat, it doesn't mean that you have to. We are all capable of self-control and we all (generally) know in our guts when we should not go through with something (when it's wrong), so if you give in to the "temptation" than the only person you have to blame is yourself. There are many people (myself included) who are tempted at one time or another, but have had the sense (and respect for myself and my partner) not to act on it.

Cheating does not make problems disappear or shrink, it only adds more problems that didn't need to be there in the first place. It complicates. Have enough respect for your partner to be honest with them and give them the benefit of the doubt, and have enough respect for yourself to not run to someone else's arms to make yourself feel better or to get "revenge".

In terms of how I would react if cheated on, I can see why some people take cheaters back, but I think I would have a lot of trouble doing this. I have trust issues with men anyway (not going there right now), so if someone cheated on me I think that would kill the little bit of trust I've managed to build into myself. And even if I could take that person back, the act would always be there - like the white elephant in the room, it would be hanging over your relationship like a fog. Forgiving is fairly easy to accomplish, but forgetting? Not so much...

It's a tough situation though, and I acknowledge how complicated most situations are that involve cheating. I suppose there are people out there who would not feel as betrayed and hurt as I would. I'm sure there are people out there who don't see cheating as such a bad thing, and that it depends on the circumstances. And that's fine - to each his own! However, I think it's important that both partners are on the same page - if one partner has an open view on cheating and does not believe in defining it so strictly, then they had better make sure their partner feels the same way. It is not fair for someone who is open about cheating to date someone who is not, just as it is not fair for someone who is NOT open about cheating to expect a partner who IS to stay faithful (don't hold your breath for that to happen).

Anyway, when it comes right down to it, I personally feel that cheating is never justified and I vow to never do it to someone nor date someone who has a history of doing this or an open opinion about it in general. Because, in the end, you're not just cheating on them - you're also cheating yourself, and that's just not 'me'.

Thoughts? What is your stance on cheating? Have you ever been cheated on/cheated on someone? How did it make you feel? Did you stay with that person? What do you consider "cheating"? Discuss!

Friday, April 15, 2011

50 Ways to Cope With Stress

(found here)

Spring Must-Haves

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Update on "My Journey"

I have officially been a member of Weight Watchers now for approx. 6 weeks and I thought it would be great to give a quick update of my triumphs, frustrations and impressions to date:

*Bad news: My average weight loss is 1lb a week - though actually it's less than that bc the first week I lost 2.6lbs. This is disappointing as I would like to be losing a min. of 1.5lbs a week. I realize any weight loss is good, but I had one week (this one actually) where I didn't lose at all, and one where I gained a lb. (although it's important to note that I've lost 6lbs overall, which is the most I've ever been able to lose on dieting!).

*Good news: I have learned SO much about my eating habits, it's been enormously eye-opening.

- I have realized I'm a snacker, I tend to get hungry every couple of hours, I tend to eat when I'm bored, I tend to eat even when I'm full in order to clean my plate  (seriously, I hate leaving food on my plate for some reason! What is that about?! I'm sure there is some deep psychological stuff going on there, but don't even wanna go there)

- I have learned to tailor my diet TO my habits rather than the other way around (e.g. packing each item in my lunch with a specific purpose since I get hungry every few hrs; learning some simple recipes so that I'm more motivated to cook at home, etc).

- I have learned that, even if you are not losing a ton of weight, making changes in your diet WILL change your body and what it is used to. I ate a box of Reese's pieces the other night at a movie and felt "icky" after. I also felt icky for much of Saturday morning after having pizza for supper the night before (well, no proof that the two are correlated, but that's my suspicion). It used to be that I could eat a small popcorn AND candy, and go for a greasy dinner afterward, and not feel sick but here I was feeling sick after ONE box of candy! That was a real "WOW" moment for me, and it made me not want to eat sweet snacks like that very often.

- I have learned to plan ahead - there are ways to indulge yourself while still staying within your points target (this is one of my fav things about the WW plan - flexibility). For example, I like eating out so if I know I'm going to be eating out that night, I will make sure I eat in such a way that I use as few points as possible (not STARVE myself, just eat mostly low point/zero point items) in the rest of the day, that way when I go to the restaurant I have like 20 points at my disposal and can pretty much order whatever I want. I also have been more disciplined with my grocery shopping - if I don't have junk in the house I won't eat it, simple as that!

- I have learned that I thrive on routine - I find the easiest time to stick to dieting is during the week when I'm at work because I have a regular schedule, I only have a small supply of food to last me the day (I find the expense of buying food keeps me from indulging in treats, and makes me stick to ONLY my lunch bag), and I'm usually busy (especially right now) and so my mind wanders less. When I'm prone to snacking is when I don't have the structure of the regular schedule, hence the next point...

*Bad news: I have realized that I tend to really slack off on the weekends - I tend to not record my food (out of a combination of laziness, forgetfulness, irregular schedule which means I'm not always near a computer, and just being sick of doing it all week and wanting a break), and I also tend to eat more often and eat more fattening foods. Because I am often "out-and-about" on weekends and not recording what I'm taking in, it's much easier to just grab whatever food is within reach and ignore the calories. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of the "good behaviour" I practiced during the week is virtually flushed down the drain.

- Also, most of my social engagements tend to be relegated to the weekend, so I often find myself eating out or doing some kind of group social activity and lets face it, these often involve fattening food. I find it extremely hard to go out to a restaurant or to a friend's house where there is fattening food within easy reach and on the plates of people directly in front of you, and order something healthy or not eat at all. It is disappointing (obviously) to see others enjoying delicious food that you can't have, plus there is a kind of "subliminal" peer pressure that exists that urges to you order what your friends or ordering (as silly as that sounds). I really, really need to get better at paying more attention to what I eat and how much on the weekends.

*Good news: I have fallen in love with hiking! My boyfriend and I have actually been taking 2-3 hour hikes every weekend almost since we started dating 5 months ago, and I really look forward to these now. It has been a great way to get out and get some fresh air, explore the many awesome trails that exist right on our doorstep (there are literally hundreds!), pick up some geocaches, and of course contribute to my weight loss. A 3 hour hike gives you around 14 activity points in Weight Watchers, which is amazing! Even if I haven't been losing weight at the rate I would prefer, I know I have at least toned up and I definitely have more energy and stamina. I'm looking forward to continuing this tradition now that the weather is warming up.

So, that is where I stand in my journey!

Journey is a good name for my weight loss experience because that's probably the biggest thing I've learned - weight loss is a PROCESS. It is actually a lifelong/long-term commitment, not something that can happen overnight or that you can quit once you have reached your goals. And it's not just about the number on the scale - it's about making a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. I truly believe you cannot move forward until you come to terms with this. Sometimes I get frustrated that the process is so slow - I just want to get to my first 10lb goal already! But you can't do that. You can't focus on how long it's taking and what is NOT happening - you MUST focus on the GOOD things.

As hard as it is sometimes, you HAVE to keep focusing on the positive because that is the only way you will stick with it. A defeatist attitude  will only serve to set you back on the journey and it's not fair to you. That is why I haven't stuck with diets before - when I fell off the wagon I never got back on. I let the feeling of hopelessness take over and would give up.

I keep telling myself that the important thing is that I have recognized the need for a change, and I am making efforts to make that change happen. I definitely feel more positive about this "try" than I ever have about previous ones. So, those of you that are struggling with weight loss and shifting to a healthier lifestyle, please remember these points - and know that you are not alone. Give yourself a break.

Weight loss to date: 6lbs
Next goal: Lose 5% of body weight (9.2lbs) by April 30th
Next long-term goal: Lose 15lbs by May 21st (Victoria Day weekend)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

War...what is it good for?

It was quite the scene on America's Next Top Model last night. I for one was shocked at Brittany's behaviour on the set of the Ford photo shoot, and I found the wheels in my head turning like crazy with my opinions about the incident - so much so that I felt I had to share.

(unfortunately I couldn't find a good video, so those of you that didn't see it may be a tad lost as to what I'm talking about, but sorry it's too much to explain)

I also felt I had to share because I feel there is a good lesson here that can be applied to everyday life. The models and the setting can serve as a metaphor for something everyone (in my opinion) should keep in mind.

Look, I dislike Alexandria as much as everyone else does - she is bossy, full of herself and sucks up to the judges - and I certainly understand the urge to call people like that out (I think we all have known people we would like to punch in the face). But the fact is, no matter what your feelings are about somebody, there is a time and place for voicing those opinions. The time and place is NOT your place of work or in any kind of setting where you are being closely analyzed and watched. And the time and place is CERTAINLY not in front of your boss, supervisor, or other important person (which, in this case, was photographer and judge, Nigel Barker). In fact, that is the last person you should be having immature yelling matches in front of. If you feel that you must confront the person that you have issues with, at least do it in private.

You know what happens when you have an angry confrontation with someone in front of other people? It doesn't call that person out so much as it makes YOU look like an idiot. It makes you look like an impulsive, crazy, irrational person. Instead of making you look like the bigger person, it stoops you down to the other person's level. I'm not saying that a confrontation like this does NOT make the other person look bad, but it also makes YOU look bad, and why would you want that?

I am probably not a good person to judge others when it comes to confrontation and the proper way of doing it because I'm the most non-confrontational person ever. I am very shy about calling people out and in most cases will not say anything, even if I really want to. However, part of the reason I do not confront people even if I want to is because I do not necessarily feel that confrontation is helpful in all situations. And I feel that even if confrontation will be helpful in a situation, that there is a certain way it should be done.

Aside from it being done in private, I think it helps if a confrontation is done civilly. In fact, I don't really like the word "confrontation" for that reason - if a situation is "confrontational" it inherently implies anger and aggression. It conjures up the image of a pair of guests on an episode of Jerry Springer - faces inches apart, mouths wide open and flapping rapidly, wild eyes, arms flapping up and down and fingers wagging. I don't know about you, but I find that to be a rather scary and intimidating image.

You know what Microsoft Word lists as synonyms for "confrontation"? Argument, disagreement, quarrel, altercation, war of words, conflict, row, opposition, resistance, defiance. I prefer the word "discussion", whose synonyms are listed as follows: conversation, debate, argument, dialogue, talk, chat. Now, do those synonyms not sound less scary to you?!

My point is, discussing a problem you have with another person does not have to be angry. There is a way to discuss such things in a way that is straightforward and lets them know that you are frustrated, while also staying calm. You can state your case in a clear, articulate way and ultimately get your point across more clearly and avoid a lot of misunderstanding. The thing is, yelling and anger only invites more yelling and more anger and it is pretty tough to bring an angry yelling match to a happy conclusion. However, the same is true for calm and rationale - they invite more calm and more rationale. Obviously, some people are going to get angry with what you say whether you say it calmly or not, but the difference there is that it will only be THEM making an ass of themselves instead of both of you. You will look positively saintly next to their volatility. Either that or the other person is not going to change anyway or even care about your opinion of them. Either way, you will have made your point and kept your dignity intact at the same time.

Plus, lets be honest you will get a great laugh from seeing their face turn bright red and their spit fly.

I admit, I respect people who can confront others in an assertive yet articulate way because I have a lot of trouble with that, and that's another part of the reason why I generally don't confront people - when I do, my emotions start to well up and I start rambling, turning red and sputtering as a result. In most cases, it's just better for me to not get into it. However, I will never respect people who choose to unload their frustrations in an angry and public way - I will just continue to shake my head in disbelief at their behaviour and be convinced that they are starved for attention and/or extremely conceited.

This is pretty much what I was doing all last night while watching the antics on ANTM unfold. The crappy thing is, I like Brittany a lot and she is one of my favourite girls on the show this year. However, I lost a lot of respect for her because of this incident, and it's clear that the judges and the other girls did too (did anyone else notice how NO ONE backed Brittany up when she finally did confront Alexandria? Funny how that happens-the other girls obviously know how to keep their feelings to themselves). That is HUGE, especially when it comes to a career like modelling which is based in large part on reputation. And HELLO?! You are supposed to be a role model! What kind of message are you sending to young girls who watch you? It's bad enough that models make young girls feel fat and ugly, lets not add to that by justifying unprofessional behaviour too.

I totally agree with everything Tyra told her (even though Tyra frankly annoys me a lot of the time), but I also agree that she should be given a second chance because another thing I believe is that someone should not be judged on one decision or incident, but by their overall "body of work".

We make mistakes - we get angry and don't think rationally, we use poor judgment and say things we don't mean, that's part of being a human being. Lord knows I have gotten upset over silly things millions of times before, put my foot in my mouth only to feel like a huge douche and/or moron later. But the key is to learn from these mistakes and not make poor decisions like this a trend. Freaking out angrily and publicly once is one thing - doing it on the daily is a whole other issue. I just hope Brittany learned a lesson from all of this.

The  bottom line is: The way I see it, when in doubt, keep your mouth shut.

Monday, April 4, 2011

There's a Red House Over Yonder...

I have been itching to buy a house lately. I have no idea why (one of those mysteries of life). Perhaps it just comes down to getting older and wiser and therefore wanting to prepare for the future more and becoming more aware of the importance of investing. Or perhaps part of it is due to being in a happy relationship that I could see going somewhere in the long-term. There is something about that that makes you think about your future more and what you want it to look like (don't worry I'm NOT rushing into anything with the boy and I hate to go all gushy on you, but I do get a good "vibe" and like to picture what our life will look like in a few years - it's only natural).

I love my apartment, I really do. And I love the lack of responsibility (within reason) of living in an apartment - I mean, how awesome is it that if something breaks, all I have to do is walk next door and get my landlord to come fix it?! Awesome. I just love the feeling of my place too; it feels cozy and I love the eclectic decor (that's my style). I love that it's bright and colourful and a jumble of memories and knick-knacks.

However, you're always hyper-aware that your place is not really "yours". You can't paint the walls a different colour or knock a wall down or add new countertops. You have people above and below you that "share" your space (I live in a flat in a house, so essentially we "share" the house, even though we live separately) and that you have to listen to doing...various things.

Plus, even though generally I love the size and character of the apartment, at times it feels crowded and old. I have very limited storage so sometimes I feel crowded in with "stuff", and dust seems to accumulate everywhere almost as soon as I vacuum. There's not much room for privacy, which means the cat's litter box is in rather close proximity whether you like it or not.

Alas, there is no way I will be in any financial position to buy a house anytime soon - certainly not even in the next year. Which sucks. It sucks to be in "limbo". However, if this past year or two has taught me anything it's to be patient. I know the day will come when I can buy a house, and that day will be all the sweeter because I will have waited for it and wished for it. Even though I have the urge to buy a home, the urge isn't strong enough to rush into the decision - I want to pay off the rest of my student debt first, finish paying for my computer, buy an RRSP, etc, and of course be sure about the person I am making that purchase with (if I do, in fact, do it with another person and not just myself).

In the meantime, I can placate my urge by looking at photos on Apartment Therapy (and yes, I see the irony in placating my house-buying urges by looking at an apartment-themed website - let me have my coping mechanisms!! besides it's not all apartment photos) that reflect the future space I hope to have - colourful, eclectic, lots of graphic prints, quirky, fun, retro, charming, comfy, warm and bright. Observe:

carrie's place-4.jpg
OK I admit it, I just want the dog, not the space from this photo
(though I would take the ottoman as well)

Giant K's FTW!!


This looks like it's straight out of "Hocus Pocus". Yes?!

Friday, April 1, 2011

design YOUR look - My Spring Dream

I decided to enter the "design YOUR look" contest over at Jess LC because the prizes are amazing! (her blog and jewelry are amazing too, check out her site if you have not already). I think I am now addicted to Polyvore, though, which is not good. Too much time wasted on here already! Back to the grindstone - anyway hope you like my set!

SOOOOO glad it's the weekend - man, work has been busy this week. The days have just flown, too, which doesn't help when you have lots to do (why does that happen anyway?! Can someone explain this phenomenon?!). Going to see our local Symphony do a Beatles tribute tonight (yess!) with my mom and sister (+ sushi for supper!). Tomorrow I'll be housekeeping, running errands and hopefully going for a hike and out for supper. Nothing set in stone though, just a nice relaxing weekend.

I've officially reached the 5 lb mark for weight loss (as of Wednesday), which I'm very excited about! I fell off the wagon the last two weeks and have been struggling to get back on track but I think I've got my mojo back, thank goodness!

What are your plans this weekend?

TopShop stripe cardigan
$80 -

Lace top
$30 -

Old Navy wedge shoes
$33 -

Tote bag
$25 -

Ronald Pineau studded belt
$400 -

Goorin logo hat
28 GBP -