Tuesday, August 13, 2013

White Sails

I am always on the look-out for new places to eat and drink. Places I have never visited - it is rare for my boyfriend and I to frequent the same place more than once (although we do have a few tried-and-true's). I have a mental list of places that I hear about and would like to visit sometime, and it only seems to get longer by the week (why this list is in my head and not on paper, I couldn't tell you).

I visited a new place I discovered through Facebook this past weekend - White Sails Bakery and Deli on Peggy's Cove Road:

It's hard to miss, that's for sure! Not just because of the vibrant stripes, but also because the parking lot is almost always packed with cars and motorcycles. They certainly picked a great spot for the place - directly on a main thoroughfare to one of the most iconic and visited landmarks in Nova Scotia (the Peggy's Cove lighthouse). And check out the view:

Another smart thing they did was install a speaker outside, so that you can hear your order called even though you are sitting outside staring over the water! Because, I mean, where else would you be sitting, really?

I was surprised to see that they offer more than just sandwiches and baked goods - you can get a great hot lunch here, including a delicious burger and poutine. The boy and I had their daily special, a peanut butter burger, loaded with toppings and condiments. $6.50 may seem a little steep for a burger but it was so filling I didn't need anything else. We didn't get a chance to try any baked goods on this visit for that reason, but don't worry, we will be back for our sweet fix.

I was disappointed to see that there were no mango and coconut biscuits left because those sounded amazing - I have a feeling you need to get here early in the day to get the fresh stuff! However, they did have some yummy-looking donuts, oatcakes, cookies and pies for the tasting. They also offer lattes and caps and coffee if you're looking for a hit of caffeine with your sweet snack.

White Sails - carry me away to my happy place.