Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Style

Ah, this glorious time of year when the weather (finally!) starts to warm up, the days get longer and the sun comes out - I. Love. It. I love the crispness and scenery of the Fall but at heart I am a sun-worshipper. Alas, I live in a place where almost half the year is winter (i.e. freezing, wet, snow, slush, blech) but that makes the sun that much sweeter when it comes.

I really should have been born in California.

Just last weekend I put away my winter clothes and coats and hauled out the summer-wear - shorts and sandals and beach cover-ups. It felt great to refresh my closet. However, this new feeling of a fresh beginning has me itching to pick up some new warm-weather pieces too. Here's what I am currently coveting:

1. Mediterranean-style wedge sandals

I have had a pair of metallic wedges with turquoise accents (a hand-me-down from mum) that I just love for a few years, but one of them is literally coming apart! Methinks it's time to retire them (*sadface) and get something new. I love the style though, so I would love to get something similar...something such as:

These are a little higher than I would normally wear but I love the embellished straps!
Mediterranean-style shoes are perfect for summer - casually dressy and conjure images of turquoise waters, white-sand beaches and tanned limbs. And although I love the look of heels I just can't do them unless I know I am going to be mostly sitting - they kill my feet and I am not good at walking elegantly in them. A wedge is a way to have the height and flattery of a heel but keep the comfort!

All shoes from

2. Gingham shirt

I saw one of these super-cute tops at Old Navy last time I was in there and I had it in my hand to try on, but for some reason I ended up putting it back. Haven't been able to get it out of my head since (go figure). I have a hard time finding button-up shirts that fit (I have small shoulders and chest + wide hips and butt so often they are too big on the top, too small on the bottom) so unless the shirt has stretch or is made in a wider cut on the bottom, they don't work for me. I liked the lightweight fabric of it and the versatility of the piece is second-to-none - you can wear it to work under a sweater, vest or jacket or on the weekend tied or left open over a tank. Alas, I think the ones at ON may be gone now, but I plan on keeping my eyes open for another in my travels! Now I just have to decide if I want a red or blue check (orrrrr both?).

3. Funky pants

I have been intrigued by the printed pant trend for a while now - however, I have been scared to try it. I am uncertain they would look good on me because I have a curvier bottom-half, but part of me thinks I just haven't found the right style yet. I think a pair in a more streamlined shape or a simpler print (e.g. two neutral colours) would be most flattering, such as:

I love the Rorschach-style of this print and the neutral colours would make them easy to coordinate in many outfits. But these springy, floral ones are great too:

Obviously this print is more loud but the cut is slimmer which means they are still flattering. A floral is just so fresh for spring/summer! Maybe one of these days I'll take the plunge! In the meantime, I can dream :)

What are your summer fashion picks? Any pieces are you coveting for the warmer season? Do you have a summer "uniform"? Are you getting excited by the coming of the new season?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birds of Paradise

On Friday night, I took my sister to see one of the last performances of La Cage Aux Folles at Neptune Theatre. I had been hearing rave reviews, plus The Birdcage is one of my favourite movies (seriously, Nathan Lane is like my hero in this movie), so I was really looking forward to it.

It can be dangerous to go into something with high expectations like that but in this case we were safe because the show was wonderful! I can't say enough about the talent of the main actor, who played Albin, Steven Gallagher. He is a great singer and has great comic timing - I just about bawled with laughter during the scene where Georges (played by Ian Simpson) tried to teach Albin how to 'act like a man' (also one of my fav scenes from The Birdcage, funnily enough).

I also couldn't get enough of David Lopez as "the maid" Jacob - his facial expressions and body language were just hilarious. I was quite amused by one tiny detail - that the Spanish 'chorus girl' was from Cadiz (my boyfriend's grandmother was from there - AND to my delight, Georges pronounced it the Spanish way, i.e. "Cad-eeth" - silly, I know but my boyfriend and his Spanish-fluency have trained me to pick up on such things).

Plus, these queens looked 10 times better in a dress and heels than I do (not that it takes much)! Speaking of dresses, the costumes were gorgeous - the six main dancers kept coming out in the most beautiful gowns covered in fun prints, sequins and sparkles. The makeup and hair were also great, as well as the sets - the entire styling of the show was very impressive, in fact.

This number was awesome. Source.
I honestly don't get out to the theatre much, but anytime I make it a point to take in a Neptune show, I never leave disappointed. I have said it a million times and I'll say it again - one of the things I love most about living in Halifax is the vibrant arts scene. You can literally be out every night of the week enjoying a concert, play, dance performance or art exhibit - it lends such an exciting and mind-expanding pulse to the city (and gives me things to do, which is an absolute necessity)!

Next season is Neptune's 50th and they have some really fun, surprisingly commercial offerings - I am looking forward to Elf: The Musical and Sweeney Todd. Eighteen sounds intriguing as well - sort of a cross between Big, Groundhog Day and Tin Cup? - although I'm not a golf fan (I mean who can resist the tagline "What if you had a mulligan for your whole life?").

The only downside to this play is that ever since I have had the opening song "We Are What We Are" running through my head non-stop...ok so that's not really a complaint (although any song gets annoying after a dozen repeats). 

Aren't musicals just the best?