Thursday, June 30, 2011

Short Week for a Short Chick

Well, it's a short week here in Canada since it's a holiday tomorrow (Happy Birthday to my lovely country!). So, even though today is Thursday, it's technically my Friday.

Take a minute to let that sink in. I know, it's a mind-twister.

The best thing about this long weekend is that they are predicting SUN ALL WEEKEND! Trust me, we are lucky to get that here in Halifax, especially lately when the heavens have apparently deemed us to be experiencing a drought and decided to drop the entire Nile River on top of us. Thanks for nothing, Gods; you would think we would deserve better treatment for worshipping you all day long...

Anyhoo, suffice to say I am excited about the long weekend. Here are some other things I am excited about right now:

> The Canada Post strike is over, which means I am FINALLY receiving things in the mail I have been waiting on for at least a month. I got my heart necklace from Heart of Haiti, that I received for my participation in this blog promotion. It is really cute (see!) and I can see myself wearing it all summer with many different ensembles. I am still waiting on a book I ordered on Amazon, and a fun gift bag I won through a blog giveaway. It also means I won't have to go a half hour out of my way on the way home to pick up my paycheques anymore (usually they are mailed to me, but obviously with the postal strike - no mail, so I had to go to the office in person which is an annoying chore when you don't have a car and your city's bus system sucks balls).

That's right, the temp agency I work for does not have direct deposit. Apparently they are living in 1911 and not 2011. Though can't complain too much, because without them I'd pretty much be living in a box at the Dockyards.

> My boyfriend and I are planning on visiting Thomas Raddall Park down the south shore of Nova Scotia tomorrow to pick up the 3rd geocache in a series I wrote about here (post may not be up yet because they have a backlog). I'm looking forward to a little road trip and getting some fresh air and exercise. Friday night is bringing a free concert back in the city for Canada Day, featuring The Trews and The Stanfields (which are awesome local bands that have made it pretty big, at least in Canada)*. And, of course, fireworks. It wouldn't be Canada's birthday without fireworks.

> On Saturday we are hoping to go on a bike ride. My boyfriend bought a bike recently and really wants to get back into biking regularly. I have not been on a bike in, oh, 10 years I would say and even when I was skinny and fit enough to ride one I didn't do it that often. It will be interesting to see how this goes. Looking forward to it though, despite what you might think. Not looking forward to the wiping out part, but maybe that won't happen. More than twice.

> On Sunday, I will be getting a new roomie! She's part ginger, has a great personality and is apparently really funny and entertaining. Here she is:

Isn't she cute?? via Twin Bridges Photography
Meet Bella! She is actually my friend's mom's cat. Her poor mom has to find a home for the cat because she has a new little grandchild running around plus another on the way, and the cat does not get along well with the kids. She needs to be in a home with no kids and no other pets, and it just so happens that I have been really wanting to get another kitty (I have been so missing have a pet since I had to put my Nutty down last Fall) and have a quiet home with no other pets or kids (just me!). I'm taking her in for a trial for a few weeks starting Sunday. We will see how we click and if we are living well together than I will keep her! I'm really excited to get to know her. I will be back with an update in a few weeks, I'm sure. (side thought - wouldn't it be cool if you could do "trial runs" with people roomies? If after 2 weeks, they are not picking up their dirty clothes or washing their dishes, you can boot them out the door! Sweet, huh? I think I'm onto something...)

Other places I have been this week:
* Check out my first True Blood mini-recap on You Know You Love Fashion!
* I posted a couple reviews on Yelp this week - one for a local Irish pub, and one for a new favourite cafe in my neighbourhood that serves amazing gelato
* I went to see Bad Teacher on Tuesday and it was really funny. I have to say, even though Cameron Diaz's character is a jerk, it's refreshing to see female characters in movies that have sass, independence and a little bit of crude. Women need to see characters beyond the scope of the sickly sweet rom-com heroines that are constantly shoved down our throats (IMHO) *endrant*

What are you excited about this week? What are your weekend plans?

*ok, all the bands I really like seem to start with "The" - what is that about? I'm sure there is a Freudian theory of some kind to explain such things...


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