Thursday, June 23, 2011

Midnight in Paris

I saw the most delightful movie Sunday night. It's called Midnight in Paris.

This background is my most favourite painting - EVER

I decided that, if I were to live in Paris, this is the Paris I would want to live in. In fact, I take that back: this is the WORLD I would want to live in. A world of sparkling parties and dresses, lively dancing and conversation, intellectual and creative stimulation everywhere you turn. A world of genuises that think on another level from mere mortals, a world of wine and champagne, of moonlight and amourosity (and I don't even care if that is a made-up word, because it's the perfect one to describe what I mean).

Life would be one big artist's gathering by candlelight, and I would love it.

As I walked home alone after the film (yes, I go to movies alone - you should try it!), I found myself seeing this Paris everywhere I turned - a couple walking by me speaking in french, the smell of lilacs and the fresh, crisp feeling and dusky haze of a summer evening, the historic homes sleepily winking at me as I strolled past - hinting at the myriad stories and dreams behind their doors - a chalkboard on a front porch with an excerpt from a poem about death.

I thought to myself how much I love my city in so many ways. Sure, there are good and bad points, but there would be good and bad points to living anywhere! Even Paris. You still have to commute to work, you still have to pay taxes and run errands to the bank, and you still have idiot politicians who seem to practice kama sutra more than they practice, you know, ACTUAL politics. I was reminded of the fact that there is poetry everywhere if you only open your eyes...

...just then I looked to the left and saw an SUV careening towards me and heard a screeching sound as it stopped just short of the crosswalk I was standing in. Stupid moron obviously missed the two giant boxes hanging above the road with pictures of a crossing stick figure, most likely because he swerved out from behind a car that was apparently taking too long to turn right and therefore holding up his progress to what, I have no doubt, was a very important engagement (you know, like a frat party or something).

Aaaaaand moment gone. Ah well, I thought to myself...I'm sure people almost run over pedestrians in Paris, too.

And even if they do, I still wanna go, like, yesterday *Sigh*


Lenore@Lather.Write.Repeat. said...

That movie is on my summer 'to see' list! I would love love to go to Paris one day...


Kim Humes said...

GO see it, like now! It's adorable. I was in Paris a few years ago, just for overnight, and I loved it. Would love to go back again and see more - someday!

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