Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch-Checkin' In

Man, I can't believe we're coming up on mid-June already! It's not even (officially) summer yet and I already feel like it's disappearing so quickly!

There are so many things my boyfriend and I want to do this summer, too, we got to the point where we had to start putting things in a calendar because we realized, if we didn't plan things ahead enough, we were going to wake up in September with nothing to show for it!

It seems kind of sad and slightly ocd to schedule activities for each weekend as though we are running a summer camp, but that's how it goes!

Some of our plans include: Road trip to the US (probably Maine or New Hampshire, since those are close - someone suggested visiting Mount Washington area so that's a possibility), camping a couple of times, U2 + Arcade Fire concert (!!!) in Moncton on July 30th, road trip to Cape Breton to drive the Cabot Trail and participate in a geocaching event, 2 weddings + a bridal shower, various festivals (Halifax Greek Fest is this weekend - can't wait! Also, looking forward to the Halifax Jazz Fest, Canada Day festivities, etc), at least one bbq and one beach bonfire, visit to McNab's Island, hike at Cape Split/Blomidon, possibly visiting Treego in Moncton to try out the ziplines, etc etc...

Do you see why we need the calendar now? What can I say, we're not lazy!

What other plans do I have in mind? Well, funny you should ask because I have many other things running through my mind for the near future (don't I always), in no particular order:

* Going to see Kung Fu Panda 2 tonight! The first one was hilarious, so looking forward to it

* I just finished reading Home by Bill Bryson (my favourite writer!) and have just started Beyond Belfast by Will Ferguson. So far, I am loving it and I am only a few pages in! btw if anyone wants to buy me a Kindle, please feel free!

* Drafting a freelance writing plan - this is something that I have procrastinated on for too long and it's time to get my butt in gear. I want to start pitching articles to publications and picking up various jobs here and there on the side. Project for the summer! I am working on setting up an interview with someone in the next week so that I can complete a profile on them for a local magazine I recently came on board with - this is a great start, but I want to do more here

* I am having a one-hour massage on Friday evening - my boyfriend got me a TeamBuy gift certificate for Christmas and I still haven't used it!! (did I mention I put things off?) Looking forward to this too because my muscles have been very sore this week and I hold a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders so those areas need to be loosened up BIG TIME

* Continuing to apply for jobs as they come up (see neck/shoulder tension pain above) - hopefully I will either hear from my old boss in the next month or so about the  job she recommended me for, or that something will move forward in terms of making my current position more permanent. Getting tired of waiting (and not being able to go to the dentist)!

* This weekend I am participating in the Weight Watchers 5k Walk-It event in Halifax (Sunday). I am looking forward to getting out, maybe meeting some other local WW ladies, and getting some exercise in the fresh air. I walk and hike every week, but there is something about the energy of a communal walk that is exciting *

* Speaking of fitness, I am hoping to sign up for either a weekly yoga or Zumba class. These are both activities I really enjoy, however I am on a tight budget so I have to search around for what I feel is the best deal, and for what is in the most convenient location since I don't have a car. I walk every day and hike on weekends (see below) but it's not enough to keep fit so I want to add something more to my routine. Also, part of what I want to work on in the near future is branching out my friends circle, and I am hoping that taking a fitness class will help me meet some people. A girl I work with takes a weekly yoga class, so I am looking into possibly joining that because it would be nice to go with her and get to know her better (which would strengthen both my personal AND work social ties)

* Continuing with weekly hikes with the boy on weekends, and cooking a new recipe every week are two things I want to keep focusing on - we are slowly making our way through some great trails in Halifax, and in other places we visit. I have come to really enjoy it - I just love the fresh air, seeing nature up close, and the physical challenge. In terms of cooking, I find I am also liking that more and more. I made a pretty awesome lasagna on Sunday that I'm quite proud of and will cover my suppers the entire week. This goes hand-in-hand with the fitness goals, and with my overall attempt at keeping up a healthier lifestyle and continuing to lose weight (it's a process, as I have said before).

So, what about YOU? 
What have you been up to lately? 
Do you have any plans or goals for the near future that you want to work on? 
What are your summer plans/hopes? 
Can you relate to any of the things that I write about above, or are you involved in any of these things too? 

I'd love to hear what's going on with YOU!

*My Weight Watchers membership runs out the end of this month, and honestly I don't think I am going to renew. I have nothing against it, and I have really enjoyed the program - it has definitely helped me develop better eating habits and I love the community that the online program cultivates. That being said, I am at the point where I am really tired of recording everything I eat and I don't feel that I need to anymore (at least for now). Also, I felt that (for me and my lifestyle) there were some limitations to the online system that I found frustrating - mainly the lack of variety in the food catalogue. There were a lot of foods that I could not find, and either had to go through a lot of work to find the nutritional info elsewhere, or estimate based on something similar with no way of knowing how accurate the points calculation was. Also, now that I have developed more positive eating habits, I want to turn my focus more to fitness for a little bit.  I have heard rave reviews about My Fitness Pal, and it's FREE (again, I am on a tight budget) so I think I am going to give that a try. NOTHING against WW whatsoever, and I would actually strongly recommend it for anyone who is trying to live a healthier lifestyle and lose some weight because it's really helpful, but I'm just ready to try something else.


Lynn said...

I am the same way, I want to do so much this Summer that I've made a list in GDocs and will be crossing each one off .  I love Summer is NS because there's always a lot to do locally.  My lists includes visiting Victoria Park in Truro, hiking Cape Split, spending a weekend down in Wolfville - wineries, strawberry picking, farmers market, look-off,  along with the Harbour Hopper, Shakespeare by the Sea, Wildlife Park & beaches.  Just to name a few, lol :)

You should definitely join MFP when your WWs membership is up, it has all the same benefits but for free! There are several of us Haligonians on twitter that are doing MFP so it makes it fun.

Shelagh (aliceinparis) said...

 Lots on the menu for this summer, love it! I'm on MFP so far so good:)

Kim Humes said...

oh my gosh everyone I know is on it, it seems! Am definitely curious (can't beat free stuff, eh?)

Kim Humes said...

You're right - there are always tons of things going on around here this season and I love that. I would rather have tons of options than none. Victoria Park is beautiful! And I didn't even think of Shakespeare by the Sea - ah! lol. Will have to keep that in mind. If I join up on MFP I'll let you know - it would be great to connect with MFP tweeps

Kim @ Say What?! said...

If you ever feel like food tracking again, the next best thing to WW is sparkpeople.com - completely free and amazing.

wow you have a LOT on the go this summer, Missy! We do too! Trip to NYC, ballet 2x week, U2 concert, tidal bore rafting, trip to PEI, hopefully lots of hiking....and hopefully much, much more!

Kim Humes said...

Trip to NYC?! Awesome! I went there for Christmas a couple of years ago and loved it. Would love to go back. You're going to U2, also? We should try and meet up on site and say "hi"! We'll talk ;)

Sara Elizabeth said...

I with you on planning everything out and marking things on the calendar. I am in the same boat both with the man in my life and with life in general. I feel like there is so much I need and want to do and so little time. Without some actually planning, I feel like I wouldn't get ANYTHING done. It sounds like you and your boyfriend have a lot of fun stuff coming up, though. Y'all have fun! :)

KG said...

I want to put together a list for the summer! I definitely need to add "spend more time at the gym/doing exercise" to the list. I just got back from a cruise to Bermuda and I probably overindulged an absurd amount.

I schedule out me weekends too - but when I have too many things scheduled I get overwhelmed and usually retreat to the comforts of my laziness. Gotta stop that.

Your summer sounds like a fun one.

KG said...

Oh and I wanted to give you a blogger award!

Jen said...

Hey, so this is a little random, but I was looking for information on weight loss through 20SB and came accross your posts on dieting. I just wondered if you'd found anything that worked really well for you and if you'd kept weight off with it? Best wishes, Jen xx

Kim Humes said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for your comment. Ah I wish I could say I found something that really worked for me in terms of weight loss, but alas I have not. It has always been a struggle for me and continues to be so, and there really is no excuse for it other than laziness and lack of willpower on my part. I love food and although I do like to be active, I'm not consistent with working out like I should be. Losing weight takes dedication and hard work and it seems to be hard for me to find something that "grabs" me enough that I stick with it. However, I will keep trying, and that's what I would suggest to anyone looking to find useful weight loss strategies. Just keep trying things and eventually something will stick. You have to be honest about your lifestyle and what you can "fit" into it - the easier a routine is to fit into your life, the more likely you will stick with it, in my experience. I'm not sure if this is helpful in any way, but hopefully it at least got you thinking lol. Good luck with your goals!

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