Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You Smell Like Dinner

Check out my mini-recap of episode 2 of True Blood on You Know You Love Fashion!

Sookie always wear the cutest outfits - her style has become a lot less trashy from the first couple of seasons
The title of this episode made me laugh. Each TB episode is named for a song, which is then played during the closing credits of the episode. For those of you that don't know, Sookie's blood is extremely attractive to vampires and they can smell it on her as soon as they are in her proximity, so you really couldn't find a better fit for a title.

Check out my Bio on the site!

I know, I am a huge dork for posting this, but it's always exciting to see your name/writing in print or online.
I am a little late with this post because I am currently at home nursing a sore, swollen throat. Started to feel icky on Sunday and was even worse yesterday so went to the doctor and got some antibiotics. I woke up around 2:30 this morning unable to sleep I was in so much pain so decided to stay home from work again today, too. I am sure I will be all good to go back tomorrow (well, unfortunately I have no choice since - as a temp - I have no sick days or vacation, so if I'm not at work I don't get paid. And lets just say this is the worst possible time for me to have a reduced paycheque).

I hope everyone in Canada and the US had a lovely long weekend!


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