Monday, July 11, 2011

If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?

Hey Y'all! Check out my mini-recap of episode 3 of True Blood on You Know You Love Fashion.

I always have a lot of fun writing these - luckily, there was a lot to make fun of on this week's episode. However, I will definitely not make fun of Sookie's outfits this week because they were all cute! I loved her hair-do's and wish I still had long hair and actual, you know, TEXTURE so that I could wear them, too. Having straight hair is great and all, except when you want to wear it...well, NOT straight. I don't know about any of you other straight-haired sistas out there, but my strands absolutely refuse to go into the style I want them to. I could spend two hours curling it and spray an entire can of Elnett on there and it would be straight again in an hour.

Sigh, sometimes the problems I have to deal with are so overwhelming I'm not sure I can go on.

In other news, I am finally over the lovely throat/ear infection I was out with all last week. I am SO not a person that is good with sitting around doing nothing so laying low for a week was really annoying by day 4 or 5. I kept thinking about all the stuff I needed to get done and how it was slowly piling up. I'm just not good at relaxing when I have stuff to get done. I'm dorky like that.

I spent most of the weekend laying low in the final days of recovery and doing laundry (woo partay!) . I did venture out long enough to see Super 8 (I really enjoyed it! Nothing I haven't seen before, but still enjoyable. The kids MAKE that movie). Sunday had a lovely walk by the lake looking for geocaches with the boy (it was sunny and hot all day!! THIS is more like it, Nova Scotia), then met up with my mom and sister at Starbucks and went grocery shopping with them and to mum's for supper and ice cream on the balcony. Watched a couple of eps of Auction Hunters (have you SEEN this show? I find it fascinating! New season starts next weekend!) and headed to bed.

The new kitty is settling in well - she is really funny and affectionate, but she has a habit of getting into things. I came home Sunday morning after staying at the boys the afternoon/evening before to find various items strewn all over the apartment. She didn't break anything so no harm done (and actually it was kind of funny to find a random paintbrush on my bedroom mat) but still irritating. I think I will have to store some things to keep her from digging into them when I'm not there. Ah, nothing like having a five year old running around the place again.

How was your weekend? Happy Monday (yes, I realize that's an oxy-moron)!


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