Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm Alive and on Fire

Sam and his new girlfriend are adorable. And her style is smokin'
Check out my mini recap of True Blood, Season 4, Episode 4 on You Know You Love Fashion! I can't believe we are almost halfway through the season already! There are only 10 episodes altogether. I am glad TB is on in the summer though, because there is a SERIOUS dirge of good tv on in the summer. Almost all the shows I watch regularly end in May/June so one must be contented with all repeats and crappy tv movies until September comes. Oh, the humanity.

There are SOME television treats gracing the screen at the moment that are keeping me interested - besides True Blood there are two instalments of So You Think You Can Dance (Canadian and American - though honestly, I'm rooting more for the Cdn kids. Natch. Although I am not rooting for Leah Miller's face, which looks like it has been botoxed to death! Am I right, other viewers? Her face looks tight and her lips look puffy...wierd).

The new season of Auction Hunters started last night, which I'm assuming was a good episode but wouldn't actually know because I fell asleep 5 minutes in! Pretty funny considering I have been looking forward to it for a few weeks now. I must have been pretty tired. I think Storage Wars is also starting a new season soon, if it hasn't already started. I am also hooked on Masterchef now that I have seen a few episodes. Even though it is extremely dramatic (sometimes overly so - I mean, it's JUST food, people) and it always makes me hungry, but I find the challenges really interesting.
Joe Bastianich will kill your dreams. All of them. Photo via. CTV
Anyway, needless to say I am surviving this television viewing drought quite well, thank you. Aside from the "filler" shows I listed above, there is also a little thing called GOING OUTSIDE IN THE SUNSHINE that I am enjoying right now. Coincidentally enough, that will end right around when my main tv shows pick up again, so all is well with the world in actuality.

What are some shows you can't wait to see again this Fall? What shows do you watch in the summer to placate your withdrawal symptoms? Discovered any new and neat shows lately?

Hope you had a great weekend!


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