Thursday, January 5, 2012


Looking for a unique party/wedding favour idea or a fun personalized gift for a loved one? Why not design your own candy!
 I recently discovered Papabubble New York and besides having a cute, quirky name they also have one of the cutest sites and concepts I have seen. This candy company allows you to order customized candies in various incarnations, amounts, colours and styles. You can choose a cylinder, pillow or stick shape and choose your own colours (text, stripes and interior), your own flavours (including non-traditional ones like lavender, bergomot and guava).

You can even order candy in kooky shapes and forms, like dentures, toothbrushes and animals! Somehow I don't think my mom would be amused if I gifted her a set of candy dentures for her next birthday (I, however, would find it HILARIOUS!). You can also customize your label, include ingredient labels on your order, and their handy order form tells you exactly how much candy it will take to fill various sizes of bags and jars (perfect for ordering event favours).

Six kilos of their simplest design option costs $330 + packaging (which is optional), which seems a bit steep for candy, but considering it's custom-designed and can fill up to a couple hundred small bags (3,000 candies) you are getting a lot for your money. Also, if you are near NYC you can visit their store in-person and save shipping! Yet another reason to live in NYC (as if I needed one)...

I think I found my future wedding favours! Now I just need to actually get engaged (meh, details, schmetails)*
Check out their candy-making kitchen/lab! Source
*for the record, I am in NO RUSH to do this. Quite fine with how things are :)


Hannah said...

this is really neat!!! i'd love to design a candy and lavender flavor?! somehow that sounds really fancy to me. i like fancy. :)

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