Wednesday, January 18, 2012

getting hairy

I am very moody when it comes to my hair (ok, so perhaps I am moody in general, but that's another blog post). I find I keep a style for a few months, then I get sick of it and want to change it up. I used to change up the colour a lot more too, until I decided I didn't want to fry my hair anymore. For the past couple of years I have been different variations on red/auburn - I know, I know, still damaging but not as "frying" as blond, which I sported for almost all of high school and University (and I did go a couple of years completely natural with NO dying whatsoever).

I seem to be satisfied long-term with the colour now, but I still yo-yo all the time with the cut. Just in the past year I have had it long and layered, an asymmetrical bob (both with a long side-bang), and now I have a basic shoulder-length cut with blunt bangs. I liked the asymmetrical shorter cut, but after a couple of months I longed for...well, long. I so missed being able to put my hair in fun, different styles like braids and buns. The short cut barely allowed me to pull my hair back at all. All in all, it was a fun change but my heart truly belongs to long hair.

So, I'm yet again in the position where I am growing it out - is it just me, or does hair seem to take FOREVER to grow out when you are itching for it to be long?? We are going to Mexico in March (oh yeah, baby) and I want my hair to be long enough by then to try out some fun new styles!

It's (slowly) getting there - it's actually long enough to pull back now, but not as long as I'd like - but until it gets to where I want it, I'll at least have the dream of length and versatility. I can always look up photos of styles (such as the ones below) and dream of the day when I can try them out on my own long locks.

What about you - do you wear your hair short or long? Are you satisfied with your current look or are you itching to change it up?

(Need some hair inspiration? Check out Pinterest. That's where I found all these photos, and let me tell ya' - it was tough to narrow it down to a few, there are so many beautiful ones!)

Love that this looks sort of messy and undone, but still pretty. And I love the headband - really into the headband look right now, and looking forward to a time when I can wear them in a cool, thrown-on way like this.
Great wedding hairstyle (maybe not so much for everyday - but a variation on this would still be good for the office)
Pretty sure I could never pull this style off, no matter how long my hair gets, but hey - we are talking about daydreaming here!
Coolest thing ever? I think so!


Kim said...

I have the world's worst hair. It grows super slowly (like, two inches in SIX months), is wavy/curly/frizzy, and very fine. It never listens, even to hair dressers. Unfortunately I'm also very moody with my hair. It looks best short, but thanks to the texture, I prefer to keep it long because blow drying and flat ironing daily does nothing for me. If I can't pony tail it, I'm sunk. Currently it's shoulder length with layers as short as my jaw, and thanks to pregnancy, NOT growing. I think it's going to be this horrid length forever.

Melissa said...

Ooh boy, you've opened up the floodgates here for me. I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. When it's styled it's practically celebrity-level; my hairdresser calls it "Kardashian hair." But when it's left to its own devices? Shaggy horror. Right now I'm growing it out for the wedding but, uh, I think my hair grows a little *too* well, because it's longer than I ever wanted it. I keep procrastinating on getting it cut, though, because -- let's be honest -- my hair is a security blanket.

As much as I obsess over my hair, I never almost never style it. I think it has to do with the fact that my arms are short so I can't do a lot of behind-the-head tricks :( But these side-swept styles are intriguing! Thanks for sharing them :D

Kim Humes said...

Wow, we girls are clearly very emotional about our hair! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one hah. It's SO funny that hair can be SO different on different people. I'm lucky in that mine is really really straight so it's pretty manageable, but I do have to worry about it going flat and blah. It has absolutely NO texture, and that can be annoying when trying to style it. If it's any consolation I think you both have lovely hair :)

Allison said...

I have very thick curly hair - which people are jealous of, but the grass is always greener. If I want a straight style I have to blow dry then flat iron and that takes time!

I wish my hair was long enough do a long braid. Oh well.

I tried the sock :)

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