Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I remember having a stuffed monkey that I used to carry around with me when I was a kid. I called him Curious George (ya know, 'cause they are both monkeys). He looked kind of like this:


I think it's safe to say that all of us have had a toy like that - one that was attached to your hip and gave you a lot of comfort. But we all eventually grow out of that toy playing business (and start carrying around things like purses and smartphones to give us comfort instead).

But what if you could get back in touch with that feeling you used to get from your stuffed animals and practice your DIY skills at the same time? Well, nostalgic Haligonians such as myself now can thanks to The Monkey Show.


No word of a lie - this is a "Make Your Own Sock Monkey" studio! It's basically "Build a Bear" but for monkeys (wait, I mean FOR people...WITH monkeys. Yes, that makes more sense). This idea is simultaneously so genius and creative yet kooky that I can't help but love it. You can drop in, pick out your monkey kit, have a seat and start sewing! You can even pick out accessories for your new buddy and give it its own special personality and style.

All ages are welcome and you can book a "make a sock monkey" party including a kit for each person, a party "host" to instruct everyone, and added extras if you want them (monkey clothes! loot bags!). Am I wrong, or is this like the funnest idea for a birthday party EVER?! One of my best friends' bdays is at the end of the month and I actually suggested this to her as a way to celebrate. She's turning 27 (see? never too old).

Here's to super-creative and unique small businesses that keep us in touch with our inner child! Get your ticket to The Monkey Show today! (or at least check out their website - it's SO cute - do me a favour: go to the homepage and scroll down to the bottom - you may make a new friend. An orange and white stripey one. I already have one). 

The Monkey Show
1569 Dresden Row
Halifax, Nova Scotia
(902) 407-4788


Jas said...

... I... want... to do this. I want The Monkey Show and Build-a-Bear to go to war. Monkeys would win. Oh, they would so win.

Melissa said...

I had a toy like your Curious George: a stuffed elephant named Godfrey. If someone started a build-a-Godfrey center in my hood, I'd throw all the money I could at it! What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing this!

Hannah said...

I have always had a soft spot for stuffed monkeys. In high school, I had a purple one that I even took to college. The day I moved into my dorm, an upperclassmen was helping me, and he said, "Oh, a purple monkey. That'll come in handy." I laughed and laughed but was secretly a little embarrassed. But now I know the truth! Stuffed monkeys ARE cool! Thanks, Kim!

Kim Humes said...

Jas: Monkeys SO win over bears. Bears are overrated, man. Besides monkeys can climb...wait bears can climb too, can't they...well, monkeys can swing! And hang upside down! I mean, come on...no contest.
Melissa: Godfrey is the best stuffed animal name ever. Or cat name (cats are sort of like stuffed animals, but alive :)
Hannah: That's hilarious...boys don't know anything! You have to have bright, upbeat things in your room - DUH! And like I said, you're never too old for stuffed monkeys.

Y'all should come up here and make a monkey with me!!

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