Monday, January 16, 2012

golden year

Ok, so I realize everyone and their dog (AND their grandma, I'm sure) is posting about the Golden Globes today and I'm not normally a bandwagon-jumper, but I can't help it - it's so easy to get sucked in by the glamour of it all.

It was fun to live-tweet the red carpet arrivals and to read everyone's real-time reactions to the outfits - fashion is SO polarizing! For example, I sort of liked Sarah Michelle Gellar's dress (I'm a sucker for an artistic print, although I could do without the duvet pouf at the thigh/hip), but it seems like everyone else on the interwebs hated it.

Anyway, instead of going on and on about what I liked and disliked about each look, I figured it made more sense to narrow it down to my Top 3:

#1 Emma Stone in Lanvin - I love the colours of this dress, the slight military influence with the jeweled epaulettes and eagle belt, and the breezy bottom.

#2 Charlize Theron in Dior -  What I really loved about her look was the styling - I love her 20's style hair-do and sparkly headband, as well as the simple shoes and clutch. The plunging neckline and high leg slit keep the giant thigh-bow from overwhelming her.

#3 Diana Agron in Giles Deacon - I LOVE the colour of this dress (even though she matches the carpet) and the top of laser-cut swans is beautiful. I can't imagine how many hours it took to make this top! I think her red lip and simple hair really go well with the dress. 

Honorable mentions go to Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon who both looked smokin' (I seriously said "Damn!!" about both when they walked out on the red carpet - you can ask my cat, she was there). I would give supporting nods (see what I did there?) to Julianne Moore's divine green earrings, Heidi Klum's turquoise necklace, and Tilda Swinton's icy blond fauxhawk (she has such an amazing look - very patrician yet alien at the same time).

And I know people hate on Ricky Gervais (my mom wouldn't watch the show specifically because she didn't want to see him) but I thought he was funny! I can see why you would either love or hate his sense of humour because it is a bit weird, but personally I love that he makes fun of all the celebs (you can read for yourself here). However, you could tell that the HFP Assoc reigned him in as much as they could this year because you barely saw him after his opening monologue! At one point I was willing him to appear and tell more jokes because I was so bored. 

I would say I probably watch more for the fashion than the actual awards, but I was really excited to see The Artist pick up three trophies - I saw that last month and it was one of my favourites all year. It's completely charming and so refreshingly different than anything in the theatres nowadays that it was a pleasure to watch. If nothing else, you should go to see the adorable and intelligent little dog (named Uggie) that plays a supporting role. 

Ummm HELLO?! Behold the cuteness
 Another win I was excited about was Octavia Spencer for The Help - I absolutely loved this book AND the movie (which almost never happens) and a bit part of the reason for that was her character. She was just wonderful, so this award was well-deserved.

Fav acceptance speeches include Christopher Plummer (I love him so much, and love that he's still making wonderful movies into his late 80's! He paid his wife - who is gorgeous btw - a beautiful compliment), Michelle Williams (who seems like such a sweetheart, albeit very timid), and the producer (I think?) of The Artist who told a story of a man who won an Oscar for a short film in the 60's but was not able to afford a ticket to the ceremony to accept it - turns out he was talking about his father, who is no longer with us (tear-jerker!).

Ok, ok so award shows can be incredibly over-the-top, long and boring, and narcissistic but it's kind of fun to escape into a glamorous netherworld of beautiful people for a few hours once in a while.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have like a MILLION shows and movies to catch up on before the Oscars (I thought I was pretty up to date but I realized last night I have yet to see many of the main noms! Thank goodness for movie passes!).

What did you think of the show? Do you have a favourite dress or moment?


sfindlay said...

I'm such a sucker for reading "best and worst dressed" red carpet reviews!! I'm also on the fence about SMG's dress, when I first saw it I thought "WOW!" but the longer I look at it, the more I think it kind of looks like someone exploded a giant ball point pen on a duvet. A different color or different material could have done wonders here...

Kim Humes said...

It actually does look like a pen exploded on a duvet, now that you mention it! hah. I really like neat prints though and I like the blue of the print...I agree it could be less poufy, i.e. "duvet-like". Most of these women are so gorgeous that they literally could grab their duvet off the bed, throw it around their shoulders and head out the door! (bitches)

Melissa said...

DANGIT! I missed the whole thing -- luckily I have you to catch me up on the highlights :P

I agree with the above commenter -- SMG's dress looks like an inkwell spill on a wedding gown. But I think you're spot on with the top 3! Dianna Agron's dress! OMG.

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