Thursday, July 8, 2010

Idiot Box

Confession: I watch a lot of tv.

However, I don't really watch awards shows. I try to catch at least most of the biggies - the Oscars and Golden Globes, plus the Tony's can be fun to watch as well at times - but for the most part I find them WAY too long and overdone.

Confession #2: I was kind of excited to hear this year's Emmy nominations. Well, mainly I was excited to hear that Glee is nominated for 19 AWARDS! Glee is one of my new favourite shows that I've been following this year, so for it to get that many noms is great! I think it's one of the most clever, funny shows out there today and it really pushes the envelope in terms of its dialogue and no-holds-barred portrayal of high school life (and how shitty it can be at times. You feel me, fellow former [non-popular] teens?).

Matthew Morrison (humina humina) is nominated for best actor in a comedy, which is great even though (confession time again) I think Sue Sylvester is actually my favourite character (please let Jane Lynch win for Supporting Actress). Speaking of BAIC (Best Actor in a Comedy), I'm also happy to see that Jim Parsons is nominated for his role as Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. BBT isn't something I watch religiously, but I'll catch it here and there and it's always hilarious. Sheldon is really the best part of the show. He's just so darn wierd and socially awkward!

I find it rather funny that Larry David is nominated for playing "himself". That's rather ironic, dontcha think? I want his job - newsflash Larry: I play myself on a daily basis and I sure as hell don't get money and awards for it!

Another "like" is True Blood and Dexter noms for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series - these are two more shows (in addition to Glee) where the casts really make the show. Two personal favs are Michael C. Hall as Dexter himself (holy crap I can't wait to see what happens to him next year - if you follow the show, you know what I'm talking about) and Ryan Kwanten (omgyummyrockhardabs) and Nelsan Ellis (hooker, please!) on True Blood. They just crack me up! And John Lithgow totally deserves the Outstanding Guest Actor trophy for his role as the Trinity Killer/Arthur on Dexter - he was a crazy mix of spine-tingling creepiness and a kind of lost sadness. I believe he won the Golden Globe this year...

I rented the first season of United States of Tara (man, HBO and Showtime just have the BEST shows) a little while ago and rather enjoyed it, so can totally agree with their Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series nod (though it's rather black comedy). Toni Collette - call me! (she should be a shoe-in for Outstanding Lead Actress for what she does with this character).

It's very interesting to see some new very 21st century categories, like that of Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media (for Fiction and Non-fiction), which heralds web and social media promotion used by various tv shows and specials. Signs of the times.

So, even though I'm not a fan of awards shows, I'll probably tune into this one to cheer on my favourite shows, since I have so many of them and so many of them are up for such great awards! Sure, there is a whole lotta braincell-sucking drivel on tv today, but there is also a whole ton of shows that are edgy, witty, stylish and have a lot to say about various issues of our time and ourselves as human beings, whether in a serious or satirical manner.

Did I mention Jimmy Fallon is hosting? This makes me very happy considering I pretty much want to marry him and make out with him heavily in a broom closet all at the same time.

But if Mad Men doesn't win, like, ALL of the style awards, I swear to God I'll have to boycott the Emmy's for LIFE!

Tune in August 29th - if for no other reason than to see the gorgeous and/or hideous fashions!


Allison said...

Glad someone else loves Fallon the way that I do!

Allison said...

Glad someone else loves Fallon the way that I do!

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