Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Best Day of My Life

I've seen a lot of buzz around the Blog and Twitter-sphere lately about what different people consider their "ideal day", i.e. if they had a day off with no obligations, what would they do? I've seen this discussed on some blogs I follow and have even recently learned of a local blogger challenge along these lines, and it got me thinking about what my "ideal day" would look like.

In this case, I'm NOT assuming that money is no object, because (though this is also fun to think about) I feel it makes the parameters WAY to broad; essentially it means you could do anything you want, and I want to keep things a little more realistic. Call me boring if you want, but I think it's possible to have an "ideal" or close-to-it day without venturing too far!

Well to start with it would be sunny outside with a slight breeze (around 20-25 degrees would work - NO rain or fog, Halifax - I mean it! I know that will be tough for you, but work with me here). I would rise not too early but not too late (maybe around 8am), feed the cat and such and head out into the sunshine.

I would hop in my car (yes, there would be a car sitting in my driveway just for this one day to make things easier), blast some 60's or 70's rock music with the window rolled down and head to Coastal Coffee for an awesome breakfast - cappuccino, yummy food (perhaps the Deee-Loxx or Eggs McCoastal?), perhaps a yummy, fresh, warm muffin (best thing about daydreams is calories don't count). I'd take my time nursing my caffeine, and digesting not only the food but a stack of fashion magazines and the latest issue of The Coast.

Once I had my fill of reading and food, I'd hop back in the car and drive to the beach (any beach will do). There, of course, would be no other people there (except maybe a cute single guy to chat with). I'd lay on the sand in the sun for a while, reading and snacking on gummy candy, maybe going swimming and for a walk. I would get a great tan (not a burn).

After the beach I'd head to downtown Halifax for some shopping (most likely at Biscuit) and definitely refresh my candy supply at either Sweet Jane's or Freak Lunchbox. I'd take my time trying clothes on and finding cute gifts for friends and family (and me, of course). I'd definitely pick up a cupcake at Susie's (she would have a few "E.T. Phone Home" on hand just for me, which are "chocolate cake swirled w/ peanut butter chips, topped with chocolate peanut butter buttercream and E.T.'s favourite candies - Reese's Pieces". Ummm, ya I know) and a Tim Horton's iced coffee then take a walk through the Public Gardens, sit on a bench and people-watch.

From there I would go home to change, clean up and put on one of my new smoking outfits then meet friends for dinner at one of the awesome Greek restaurants around town and have some great wine and great laughs. After dinner we would go to Pacifico or Taboo for a night of dancing and flirting. We would dance until our feet hurt or the lights came on (though I'm willing to bet the former would happen first), then take a walk in the moonlight (or sunrise?!) along the waterfront (most likely with pizza or an ice cream from Cows - can you tell I place a lot of importance on food in this scenario?). We would nonchalantly watch the boats go by, listen to the water lapping and the light over the waves, have some deep discussions, then head home.

Upon returning home I would crawl into comfy, soft sweats with a cup of tea and watch a few Sex and the City, Friends, Glee, True Blood or Dexter re-runs, then curl up with the cat and go to sleep.

Hmm. I mentioned something at the start about wanting to be "realistic", didn't I? Well, think that went out the window right around "cute single guy". Ah well, this is all in good fun, and in any case this day could actually be achieveable so I'm not reaching TOO far.

It sounds cheesy but when it comes right down to it, any day could be great for me as long as it involves a little bit of good food, laughter, travel, the outdoors and some alone time/relaxation thrown in for good measure. It's funny how, no matter how lofty and exotic the dreams in our head might be, in reality most of us don't need that much to be truly happy; and often it's the least expensive and/or free things closest to home that can bring us the most joy. Sure, it would be nice to hop on a plane to Thailand tomorrow, but since there's no way in hell that will happen, I have to settle for what's right here. And sure, on some level that sucks, but in most cases once you really open your eyes and look, you will see that there are tons of "ideal" things right on your doorstep! And what's REALLY great is...well, exactly that - they are right on your doorstep. You don't have to fly for 15 hours and spend $5,000 to get it.

Considering my priorities (that have clearly showed themselves in this post) I could be happy pretty much anywhere where there's food (particularly cupcakes).

*Come to think of it, dancing and singing on a float ala. Ferris Bueller would be pretty sweet too! Perhaps I could fit that in somewhere....hmmm, note to self: will definitely have to edit the above to include more dance breaks*


Allison said...

Sounds like a great day - can I come?

Kim Humes said...

Of COURSE you can come! And of COURSE it's a great day, it's completely imaginary lol

Kim said...

Beach and Biscuit in the same day?? Nice!

SO I tried to follow your blog, but the blogger follow button on your side bar took me to some spanish blogger page that I didn't understand. Is that intentional?

BTW, saw in your 30 before 30 that you want to run a race. If you want a running partner, get in touch! I need to run with someone who I won't slow down because I'm starting out.

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