Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mmm, Fresh Biscuit!

Photo by Me
Hey all! Check out my post on Hip Urban Girl about an awesome boutique in my city called Biscuit. I was lucky enough to interview the owner, Wendy Friedman, a few weeks ago and I was really impressed with her passion for the small business and fashion sectors (and her knowledge too - she's been doing this for a long time!). One thing I thought was really cool about her is that she was raised a Shambala Buddhist and this is basically why she moved to Halifax in the first place, because this is the international HQ for Shambala Buddhism! Cool, huh? Betcha didn't know that...

IMHO we have great shopping here in Halifax (good enough to rival bigger cities like Toronto and Montreal) so I am always excited to showcase some of these businesses to a greater audience. I am looking forward to writing about more hip, urban and passionate businesses here in my city! 

Thanks goes to Lisa and Wendy for taking me on as a new writer and being open to all my ideas!

Stay tuned for more articles about food and drink, shopping and activities in Halifax from a HUG perspective!


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