Friday, September 9, 2011

There She Goes Again...

What?! It's the weekend again! Yes, I love 4-day weeks. Just when you think it's Thursday - surprise! It's Friday and time for two days of relaxation (ideally)...

Man, have I ever been looking forward to the weekend. I had so much on the go this week, I am physically and mentally exhausted. I feel like I have been spending all my free time trying to check to-do's off my list but I am only accomplishing a fraction of what I would like to! Frustrating. How does time become so fluid sometimes? Just slips through the fingers like water leaving you wondering where it went...

Anyway, some exciting (and slightly scary) things coming up:

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* Tonight the boy and I are having dinner at CUT Steakhouse and I am really excited! It is a pricey place, where I would never normally be able to afford to eat, but because I am doing it as part of my Big Day Downtown promotion, $100 of my bill is covered! The whole idea behind the promotion is to do something new; something you have never done before and I will explain why I chose CUT on the blog next week. So check back for some sure to be mouth-watering photos and prose!

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* Tomorrow I think we are going blueberry picking again in the Valley - the berries from our first trip earlier this summer are all gone and we want some stock to stick in the freezer for the winter. Fresh blueberries all year round FTW! I think we are also going to visit the Oaklawn Farm Zoo and maybe toodle around some other neat events in the Valley if there is anything going on. Any suggestions, NS folks?!

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* I have a job interview (FINALLY!!) for a position at my alma mater - Mount Saint Vincent University. I am really looking forward to it because it has been a while since I have had an interview (I feel like I have been applying to millions of jobs but not getting anywhere), and it sounds like a really interesting job. It's only part-time, which is really not ideal, but I can't afford to be picky at this point. Also, I don't necessarily mind working two part-time jobs, as long as it's not too complicated logistically. And I have been taking on a lot of new, exciting writing projects, so if I can have the time to write part-time and get at least one foot out of the 9-5 game I will be pretty excited! I do still have to eat, however. Stay tuned...

Next Wednesday is my last day at my current job so I am getting a little desperate since I do not have anything else lined up. Not that I don't welcome a little break, but my wallet and I can only handle not working for so long.

* On a happier note re. my last day at work - on Thursday my mom, sister and I will be traveling to Prince Edward Island to see ELTON JOHN in concert! Ah, I'm so excited!! He is one of my favourite musicians - I love all of his music - and I've always wanted to see him live. We had a little glitch with our tickets earlier this week and we thought for a minute we wouldn't be going after all, but all is well now. I will probably do a little recap of that on the blog too, so you can look forward to lots of gloating and gushing from me (not even gonna sugarcoat that).

What are you up to this weekend?! Any exciting upcoming plans?!


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