Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer Lovin (had me a blast)

As a "conscientious" person (I don't like the word "over-achiever as it has a negative connotation, conjuring images of this and I'm NOTHING like that...I don't think), I often feel like I haven't done enough, haven't seen enough, haven't used my time in an effective enough manner.

This, combined with the fact that I have a terrible memory, means that my knee-jerk reaction at the end of a season is to look back and think, "I didn't really do anything exciting this ! I didn't do anything cool like backpack through Europe or start a new business like !". So, when I first reflected upon my summer and what I did with it, my mind immediately went here. However, once I thought longer and harder about it (and reviewed my photos), I realized I had a pretty full season!

Here are some of the highlights:
* Visited a maple syrup farm with friends (and discovered the wonder of maple syrup poured in snow and wrapped on a stick - mmmmm).
* Fundraised and participated in the Nova Scotia SPCA Alley Cat Bowl with two of my co-workers. We realized we suck at bowling, but we had tons of fun anyway!
* Attended a Workplace Wellness Conference in New Brunswick with another co-worker, where I met some great people from the Heart & Stroke Foundation of NB, and learned some interesting ways to promote teamwork and job satisfaction in our office. I also had supper with an ex-boyfriend and realized just how different we've both become (surreal experience).
* Planned and attended four training sessions as a representative from my office (go me! And trust me, it was not always fun - oh, and along with this also took a plane to Cape Breton, which was sort of silly yet fun in equal measure...those of you that don't live in Nova Scotia won't get this, but just trust me).
* Hiked Victoria Park in Truro with some old and new friends - crossed a place off my list that I'd always wanted to visit and got a fun road trip out of it too.
* Hiked Cape Split (we did it up and back + a 20 minute break in just under 4 hours!) with my two best friends (crossed another "alwayswantedtodo" off my list and got a great workout).
* FINALLY watched my best friend and her fiance get married, and from my very special position as Maid of Honour. Also got to plan her Bridal Shower and Bachelorette party, both of which were successful!
* Attended the Halifax Greek Fest for the first time (another thing to check off the list!).
* Had a bonfire on the beach...well, attempted to have one until we were caught by a "forest ranger" (in a bulletproof vest!) and told to put it out. It was an amazing fire while it lasted though, and a fun adventure (blatantly breaking the law - just a regular Saturday night for us).
* Participated in my 5th NS International Tattoo as a member of the adult choir, and probably had my funnest year yet. New group of ladies to hang out with, seemingly more cute guys in uniform than ever (though honestly I probably just noticed them more in my horny free and single state ), root beer popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, funny hats, Parisian fire-fighters...sigh, is it June 2011 yet??
* Was hit on randomly in the street for the first time in...well, a LOOOONG time. Perhaps for the first time ever. Sad, I know, but this was a great ego boost in any case (and he wasn't ugly or smelly! Win!).
* Visited the Halifax Jazz Fest (also for the first time - another check!) and saw an amazing concert by locals Gypsophilia and Israeli group Boom Pam. Sooooo much fun - it was so freeing to dance up a sweat in front of the stage with a crowd with only the music and the summer air floating around....awesome.
* Got to see my friend's baby for the first time when they visited from Edmonton.
* Visited with my brother and his wife from BC for two whole weeks - I hadn't seen my sister-in-law in 6 years and my brother in 2 so it was about time we got together. Yummy seafood dinners, walking the waterfront shopping and taking in Natal Day festivities, lots of beer and wine...
* Participated in the Dog Days of Summer bloggers challenge, where I donated a trunk-full of pet supplies to my local shelter. This was so rewarding and my 1st blogging challenge (1st of many I hope!). You can read about it here.
* Had a lovely vacation in Prince Edward Island with my family (as per usual).
* Participated in my 2nd blogging challenge! Big Day Downtown.
* Took in the Clam Harbour Beach Sandcastle contest (another first and a PERFECT beach day).
* Went Tidal Bore rafting - soooo much fun and soooo sore for the next four days (however, another check off my list! Huzzah!).
* Left my job, which I have really enjoyed and learned a lot from, and jumped back into the world of temping while I keep trying to find my niche (still have no idea what that is).

I also made some new friends, dated a couple of guys, saw a bunch of great movies, ate a bunch of great food, got a lot of sun, and became more active online by blogging on a regular twice-weekly schedule, Tweeting more, and talking to people more on various online forums (had my first online interview re. the blog!). I really feel I'm connecting with some amazing people and organizations through these activities and I hope it only continues to grow.

Generally, this year I've been trying to get out and DO things. You know those things that we all say "I'd love to do that sometime" and never seem to get to? I've been trying my best to actually GET to them. As you can see above, I crossed a whole bunch of things off this list in my head this summer, and I'm really proud of that. I've generally learned to be more adventurous, and more laid back and patient. I'm still working on this obviously, but got a good start!

I had some bad times too, but who wants to dwell on those?!

So, see I did a lot of great stuff! My initial thoughts of unproductivity were obviously baseless. I'm still attached to summer (thank goodness we're still having summer weather here...mostly) but I must say I'm starting to look forward to Fall, to the sweaters and tights and pumpkin goodies.

I hope to have a Fall re-cap in a couple of months that is just as full, varied, and positive as the one above.

Happy Fall, y'all!

(By the by: I'm still not happy with my blog design and so expect continued changes in that department while I try and find a look I DO like. Thanks!)


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