Friday, February 5, 2010

Copycat: 10 Places You Will Never Find Me

I'm totally playing copycat with today's post - stealing an idea from Rainy Saturday ( I just thought it was a fun idea...and let's be honest, I'm in one of those funky mindless moods where I can't think up anything cool on my own to write about so I have to be lazy and recycle.

1. At a church service - unless it's for a wedding or funeral (besides, I'm a heathen so they wouldn't want me there anyway).
2. On any kind of sports field, playing any kind of sport (I'm generally not a fan of making a total ass of myself, so it's best that I just stay away from this kind of thing altogether, Though watching others do this is "a-ok" in my book).
3. Frenchies or equivalent (I respect the whole re-use principle and the fact that you can save a ton of money, but I just prefer new clothes. I've given away tons of clothes so I take solace from the fact that I keep these places in business in my own way).
4. A chicken (or any kind of meat) factory or farm (I'm on the verge of being a vegetarian already so one of these places would just push me right over the edge...either that or just make me barf and/or faint. Just reading about what these places are like is enough to make me stay away and subsist on celery).
5. At the top of a skihill (you would think that I would say "skiing down a skihill" here, but you see you have to get to the top of the hill before you can come down, and I wouldn't even go that far. Went skiing once, in 8th grade, and have hated it ever since. Flying down big hills with nothing to hang onto or hold me up = terrifying).
6. On stage at a club or bar doing any kind of performance (unless copious amounts of alcohol and friends accompany me).
7. Northern Canada (see previous post - read: I HATE COLD AND SNOW).
8. The hospital (as long as I'm healthy of course; for some reason these just freak me out. Thankfully I haven't had to spend time in one since I was a baby except to visit other people).
9. A beauty pageant (lord knows I would never enter one nor have any friends that would enter one - not because they aren't beautiful but because they have better things to do - so no opportunity will ever present itself I imagine. DOUBLE this for kid's beauty pageants - those are just WRONG *shudder*)
10. Uniacke Square or equivalent (for those of you that live in or are familiar with Halifax, you know what I'm talking about).

I have since decided that I will put a bit of effort into forming my own ideas today and also present 10 Places You Will Be Sure To Find Me! (Work would really be the #1 place, as sad as that is, but I feel that goes without saying so I'm going to leave it off the list). Observe:

1. Clothing Stores (that would be any one really...well any one that sells, yeah pretty much any one. Oh who am I kidding, any kind of women's store could fit here. Mmmm shoes...)
2. Starbucks, Second Cup, Perks, Tim's, etc, etc, etc (if they serve coffee, someday or another I will be there).
3. Chapters (I love to go wander here on Sundays, preferrably with a purchase from any #2)
4. Sobeys (specifically the North/Windsor store in Halifax - best! Is it sad that I like grocery shopping?!).
5. My mom's - bumming free food and/or laundry water.
6. The movie theatre (The Oxford if at all possible).
7. Choir practice (Every Tuesday night, bitches. I'm cool like that. Only time I'm ever in the place where church services take place {see #1 at the top of this post}).
8. The Internet! (blogging, facebooking, watching tv shows, cheezeburgering, generally wasting time and/or procrastinating).
9. Laying on the futon in my apartment with Nutty.
10. Eating at a Greek or Italian restaurant, bakery or pub.


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