Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Canned Heat

I have some pent up rage inside today. And just to warn you, I'm not in a blogging mood today and can't think of anything to write about in particular, so my post today is markedly more random than usual (and that's saying something).

My morning started off on a great note - since the Snowpocalyse of the eastern US decided to slam into us last night and bring 20-30 cms of snow overnight, I thought I would sleep in a bit and get a later bus to work. However, I wasn't prepared to encounter a completely snowed in bus stop when I got there. Seriously, the snow was at least to waist height on me (which, granted isn't that high since I'm only like 5 ft tall, but imperatively 2-3 feet of snow is deep) so there was nowhere to stand except on the street. I could glimpse the previous stop just down the road and it appeared to be clear so I thought I would walk down and catch the bus there.

But for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to cross the street and walk on the other side thinking the sidewalk over there was clear. It wasn't. Only more snow of the knee-high variety. Then of course (because this kind of stuff just happens to me as clearly Metro Transit has a vendetta against me) the bus came down the road and drove right by me (even though I waved my arms at him to stop - I swear to god these drivers do see those people running and flailing to get their attention and just ignore them because it provides them some sort of sick entertainment value).

That's the point that I decided I was not going to work. So, even though the morning didn't start off well, I now have an unexpected day off, which is nice!

But seriously, there is a lot of effing snow on the ground! And it's rather deceptive when you look outside because it's bright and clear. But then I look out the window to see a mom and her daughter SKIING on the street! Seriously, with poles and everything! In the middle of the road. Eat your heart out, Alexandre Bilodeau (who, can I just say, is so cute I could spread him on a cracker? *sigh*).

Speaking of the Olympics, I feel like me and everyone around me is filled with a kind of warm, gooey national pride that is nice to see. But I still don't get why we're only 4th in the medal standings (I love you fellow Canadians but why, oh why, are we always consistently shitty at bringing home medals?! Can anyone explain this?! I mean, really!); it's kind of disappointing when we're hosting the Games and all the world's eyes are on us. But I suppose it's only day 6, and we have had a couple awesome gold medal wins. Plus, we're proving there's a reason that hockey is Canada's Game - ummm 18 to nothing for the Canadian ladies?! 8 to nothing against Norway for the men?! What, what!

But I tell you if I hear that "Believe" song one more time I'm going to tear my ears off (see?! rage). I mean, it's a nice song but once you hear it it gets stuck in your head and runs in a loop indefinitely, and once you hear this loop go around 10 or 12 times an hour it gets rather annoying. (On the other hand I can't hear Sade's new song "Soldier of Love" enough times; for some reason I love that song so much! See?! random).
I'm not sure where I was going with this post. It started off venting my annoyance but veered off somewhere around "morning". But don't say you weren't warned. It's a snow day so my mind's in a lazy state I guess. I could have used my bus experience from this morning as a launching point into a treatise on the crappiness of our city's public transit system, but I'm afraid once I started that rant it would go on forever. That's how much I hate MT, that I fear for my own mental stability (which, let's be honest, is questionable to begin with) too much to even talk about it. I think it's best that I walk away from the computer and go sit on the couch and read Lucky now. Until next time...


Unbreakable said...

Well its always beautiful to look at the snow from a distance but when it comes to walking in it its not as cute, Well lets hope for the remaining days you guys will medal a few more times.

Enjoy your day off.

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