Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Mario Isn't Telling You...

So, I was unpacking our new brochures at work the other day (I work for a Canadian retail pharmacy company) and I got to thinking about the people pictured on the covers. *I should mention that these brochures are informational resources about common diseases and chronic ailments, otherwise you won't get the point of what I'm writing here*

For example, does the pretty, young girl with the glossy black hair realize that her photo is on the cover of a brochure on Constipation? Or the older (but very attractive and healthy looking) couple on the front of the Obesity brochure? I mean, seriously, when these people are photographed are they told what it is being used for? Do they audition or are they specifically singled out for such an assignment? ("Sandy, we feel your look is perfect to represent all those in Canada suffering from Constipation").

(And moreover, what makes the manufacturer put these photos on these covers?? Do they feel this person actually reflects the subject of the brochure or just that they are pleasing to the eye?)

Anyway, I'm sure the above is not in fact true, but these are questions I can't help but wonder about. It reminded me of that Friends episode where Joey's photo ends up on a poster for Gonnerhea in various NYC subway stations. Or the smidgen of "Family Jewels" I saw the other night where Gene Simmons was taping a commercial for some Armenian tv channel and didn't realize he was talking about dealing with HERPES until a PA actually told him (his lines were all in Armenian). JOEY didn't know that his photo was going to be used for such a purpose and GENE didn't know what he was promoting!

Now, I do realize that these are tv shows, and it's safe to say that both Joey Tribbianni and Gene Simmons are a few cards short of a deck, if you know what I mean, but I wouldn't be surprised if this happens fairly often in real life.

I suppose it could be a case of "what they don't know won't hurt them" and I suppose if you're a starving actor and/or model, you will pose for any photo or commercial that will prevent you from starving for another month. But I can't imagine these people liking the idea of being the poster-person to an STD or a gastrointestinal syndrome. And actually this is all the more reason not to tell them what they're posing for, because if they were, there is a good chance they would have second thoughts (I know I would!).

Anyway, regardless of these oh-so-deep-and-pressing questions, I just find the whole thing very funny. Be advised - if you ever are asked to pose for a photo or a commercial, make sure you ask what for. You never know - you could open up the paper the next week and find your smiling face urging readers to try the newest erectile dysfunction pill or anti-fungul cream that helped you so much with your "problem" *. That kind of shit follows you forever. Observe:
(*Then again you could also end up photoshopped next to David Beckham in his underroos, which would be pretty frickin cool.............oh who am I kidding that wouldn't happen, unless you resemble Gisele Bundchen, and let's be honest not many people do NO ONE does).

And yes these are the kinds of things I wonder when I'm doing mindless work. Don't judge, your mind has to think about something when unpacking brochures!


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