Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Turning over a new...stone

My old blog has been a part of my life for a few years now, however the time has come to move on. I probably would never have a blog if I wasn't made to start one for a University course back in 2007. I wasn't as familiar with blogs as I am now and one could argue that they still weren't as mainstream as they are now. Therefore, my enthusiasm for it did not extend outside the classroom.

When blogging became more popular and I felt more confident about the things I had to say, I tried to make myself write more, but this still only resulted in a max of 5 or 6 posts a year, and in only the most rudimentary format (none of this tagging crazy-ness!). Aside from its great usefulness as a kind of daily newsletter/diary during a month-long trip to England in 2008, that blog has really never seen much traffic.

Therefore, I felt it was time for a change, for several reasons:
a) I have been following more and more blogs the past few months and admiring the lovely looks and consistency of other blogs has made me want to get more serious about mine.
b) I have been finding my affinity for writing has grown over time, particularly during this introspective year I've been having, and I wish to also take THIS more seriously by practicing.
c) 'A' made me realize how ugly, boring, and inconsistent my old blog really was and I felt a fresh start was the best course of action (in order to fulfill A and B).

So, without further ado, I present my new blog - Gathers No Moss. I realize this is a bit of a strange title but I wanted to make sure I chose a title and look that spoke both to me and about me. Of course, the title refers to a proverb that states "A rolling stone gathers no moss", which has always been one of my favourite sayings and one that I feel is a perfect metaphor for my character. Those that know me well know that I constantly need change and stimulation and movement; I go crazy doing one thing or being in one place for too long; I don't let things get me down for long, I keep going. I am constantly seeking, growing, and moving, or "rolling along" as the sub-title above states. And I plan to be constantly doing so for most of my life, whether that means internally, or in a literal sense, in the form of travelling both near and far. I sense big changes coming for me so I suppose this blog is the perfect manifestation of the hopes and thoughts attached to that.*

There will probably be many formatting changes over the next little while, as I tend to be picky about such things, while I try to find the perfect look and tone. In keeping with the aforementioned points, I plan to blog 3 times per week and my entries will have a variety of subjects - basically anything that strikes my fancy (things that happen to me, things on my mind, things that I try or attend, etc). I will strive to eventually reach a comfortable, consistent tone, look and feel in my entries. These are all tips I've read from other bloggers related to taking your blogging more seriously (and I appreciate continued feedback from any bloggers out there, including constructive criticism! That is part of the growth process for me within this medium).

Mainly I will strive to be authentic, operate according to the title and principle of this blog and grow as much as I can as a writer. Let's get rolling!!

*wow, I sound really serious don't I? Hmm 1st note to self: try to lighten up in future posts


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