Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Show Girl

Summer is great is so many ways - warm weather, sunshine, sandals, long weekends. One thing I don't like about summer is that all my fav tv shows are over until September!

There were a few great new shows this year that I got into, and I am really glad I did. A welcome trend in these new shows is the fact that they centre around twenty-something women (hello, relatable!) stumbling their way through life in a very funny, but also real and awkward way.

I feel like it has been a while since there have been characters on tv that are like me and my friends - young, out of University sort-of professionals, trying to find their way through relationships, career and what they want. It's like there was Friends....then a whole ton of shows focused on families swamped the schedule - which is fine! I just haven't seen young, female characters who are in a similar life stage as me portrayed on tv in what seems like a long time.

Here are my new favs:

1. New Girl
 It's no secret that I have a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel - I really want to steal her hair and style, and she has such a fun, slightly weird personality that is very endearing so I was excited to hear she was going to star in her own tv show. I tuned in at first for her, but I continued to watch throughout the season for her crazy male roommates and their hilarious lines and sometimes embarrassing antics. I absolutely love Schmidt and his hilarious one-liners and neurotic personality; I like Nick and his rumpled yet cute, cranky old man persona; I even like Winston although I haven't quite figured out what his deal is. This show is just so darn kooky - the characters are always getting themselves into awkward situations and none of them have any concept of social norms or what is appropriate. Plus, Zooey wears SUPER cute outfits and they have had some really awesome guest stars (Lizzy Caplan! Ryan Kwanten! Durmot Mulroney! Jeanne Tripplehorn! Justin Long!).

A"Douchebag Jar" should be a staple in every home around the world.

2. Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23

Ok, how could you NOT love a show where James van der Beek plays himself?! And not himself like carbon-copy-of-Dawson himself, like a complete jerk version of himself. I love that he completely turns his image on its head and acts as a guy who is self-absorbed, shallow, slightly dim and obsessed with fame (of course, that could be a more accurate portrayal than I know!). He almost steals the show from Chloe (aka Krysten Ritter) - almost. Except that Chloe actually acts like an even bigger jerk than The Beek does. However, underneath her bitchy exterior, she is a bit of a softy. Plus, she's stylish and crafty (she makes money by "entertaining" important dignitaries - basically an escort yet somehow it doesn't seem trashy -?) and she's the perfect foil for goody-two-shoes June. This show also has many witty one-liners that have me cracking up every week and some crazy story lines (like New Girl). I love the career arc they have given June's character - I have had the same experience and know many people who have as well and it shows how crappy and simultaneously liberating it can be to have your life plan go "off course".

3. Girls
This show has been getting a lot of criticism, mainly for the "unlikeability" of the characters, which I can see. Yes, the characters are sometimes unlikeable, often make bad decisions, and say such awkward things sometimes you want to cry. However, don't we all do that in real life? Especially in our early 20's? I sure as hell did! And hey, I still do. Girls may be a bit of an exaggeration of 20-something life in New York, like SATC (which it has been compared to quite often) but I feel like it's a much more gritty portrayal; less sugar-coated, less slick and sexy. It is less tongue-in-cheek, more poke in the eye with a pencil. It is kind of refreshing to hear characters just put their thoughts and feelings out there, good and bad, and to see them making bad decisions, maybe because, in a way, it makes you feel better about your own mistakes.

Alas, I will have to wait several months to see where these new favs pick up. However, not ALL my favs are gone for the summer - I am happy to say one airs only IN summer and just came back two weeks ago!
Two episodes in and I'm loving Season 5 already. So. entertaining - the action just never lets up! And ok so having lots of yummy men to look at helps as well :) Besides I think a new season of Project Runway starts soon...hmmm, what was I saying about having no shows to watch this summer??

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What new shows have you gotten hooked on? Any new favourites return recently or do you have suffer with reruns until September?


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