Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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One of the things I love about my city is the extremely dynamic creative community that we have here - Halifax is just full of artistic people who are always coming up with cool new ideas and putting them out there. And the creative community here really is that - a community. There is a real sense of camaraderie, support and collaboration that is really heartwarming.

I witnessed just such an event on Saturday night - a fashion show for fellow blogger and designer, Mo Handahu. Her line, Clutch Culture, is all about vibrantly printed clutches in various sizes that she makes all herself by hand. I have followed her blog for a while and have always been a fan of her fun, vintage-inspired style, not to mention her humble and sweet personality, so I was excited to see what her offerings for Summer 2012 would be.

The event took place at FRED, which is appropriate considering both FRED the place and Fred the person are major players in the creative scene in Halifax. I almost got whiplash from turning my head every which way to see all the gorgeous outfits in the room! The performances by two singers on acoustic guitar before the start of the show were lovely, and set a nice relaxed tone for the show to come. *All photos by me, unless otherwise stated*
This girl had a killer voice (and heels!)
I even enjoyed the commentary from Fred himself (aka Fred Connors) - he was a little, shall we say, "off-the-cuff", but I enjoyed his enthusiasm and frankness. His comments about how important it is to support the creative community we have here really spoke to me. I personally don't think he will win the mayoral race, but I would consider giving him my vote (this city needs fresh, hip blood!).

Friends and I, waiting for the show to start
I loved the styling of Mo's runway show - the models in the first part were draped in oversize neon blazers (perfect match for the 90's theme), skin-tight, graphic print dresses and neon Wayfarer-style sunglasses. It all said Miami-heat to me, which is perfect for a summer line.

 Everything worked really well together and complimented the bags rather than overpowered them.

The models in the 2nd part looked in every way like African warriors with their white body paint and gorgeous batik headwraps. I love the diversity in the models - a variety of skin colours and body types were featured, which was refreshing.

Gorg body paint
I loved these graphic shorts *Photo by Kimberly Piccott*

Well done, ladies!
All the looks really encapsulated the Clutch Culture "style" and the vibe of the brand is apparent throughout. As the bright, lively styles strolled in front of my eyes and the music pulsed in my ear, I could almost see 16-year-old Mo hanging out, creating and figuring out her path in life.

You've come a long way in 14 years, baby - can't wait to see where you go from here!

So many beautiful prints!


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