Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Permission to Suck

Damn, did I ever need to read this post yesterday. I had pretty much the worst day ever at work (being yelled at over the phone by a rude and conceited professor is super-fun), and was feeling pretty down on myself when I noticed this article linked to my friend's Facebook wall. It came at the perfect time, and contains a whole lotta truth - truth that we do not acknowledge enough. We are all so busy trying to do-do-do and be perfect at everything that we forget we are human and make mistakes sometimes and that this is normal. Or at least I do this - TOO much, in fact. And sometimes I need a bitch-slap up the side of the head to remind me to cut myself a little slack. I figured if I benefited from reading this that lots of other people would too, hence the sharing.

Preach, Ash. Preach.*


It’s okay if…you’re drowning in self-doubt.
It’s okay if…you don’t know where to start.
It’s okay if…you started, but want to stop.
It’s okay if…you sometimes mix up your priorities.
It’s okay if…you didn’t say the right thing.
It’s okay if…you really fucked up the first time around.
It’s okay if…you fucked up the second time around, too.
It’s okay if…you’re overwhelmed.
It’s okay if…you get down on yourself.
It’s okay if…you’re worried everyone knows more than you.
It’s okay if…you don’t have enough self-confidence.
It’s okay if…you’re secretly afraid that people will laugh at you.
It’s okay if…you question your own capabilities.
It’s okay if…you spent all weekend doing nothing but watching movies.
It’s okay if…you sometimes suck.
It’s okay if…you sometimes really suck.
It’s okay if…you haven’t reached your potential yet.
It’s okay if…you’re not sure that you ever really will.
It’s okay if…you sort of resent the people doing better than you.
It’s okay if…you sometimes think they’re full of it, too.
It’s okay if…you didn’t respond to that person’s email.
It’s okay if…you just don’t fucking feel like it today.
It’s okay if…you have no idea what to do next.
It’s okay if…you do know what to do next…but still can’t seem to make yourself.
It’s okay if…you just couldn’t find the time this week.
It’s okay if…you don’t want to do it the way they say you should.

None of it matters.



And as a matter of fact, you’re doing a wonderful job.

Just thought you should know.

*By the by, if you have not seen or heard of Ashley's website, The Middle Finger Project, you need to get over there like YESTERDAY and gobble it all up because it is amazeballs


Kim B. said...

Kim I really needed to read this. Sometimes (no, 'often' would be a better word), I feel like all things work and career related are an uphill battle since I graduated university.

I guess all we can do is hang in there and realize that many, many happy and successful people didn't get anywhere until their thirties, forties, or beyond. I keep trying to tell myself that nobody is meant to have it all at 25.

Kim Humes said...

TOTALLY. I feel the same way about my career - and I look around at other ppl my age who seem to "have it all figured out" and that makes it even harder. It makes me think, "why don't I have it all figured out? What's wrong with me?" And that's so silly. It's all about timing and everyone's timing is different - our time just hasn't come yet that's all!!

Jas said...

I need this projected in front of me 24 hours a day. It's so easy to get bogged down with work and career woes that we all need a constant little reminder than the trivial quibbles in our day to day lives are rarely as bad as they seem.

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