Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mo Money, Less Cancer

I never used to like mustaches. Or any facial hair for that matter. That was until I started dating someone with a beard and 'stache. I never thought I would date someone with facial hair honestly, but I guess people change. Finding the perfect match for you will do that to a person, I guess (cue either "aw"'s or barfing).

And if I wanna stay with my guy, I pretty much have to be ok with facial hair because he's slightly obsessed with it. I swear to god he'd walk around looking like Pancho Villa every single day if that was socially acceptable. He thinks mustaches are the coolest things ever.

I not only am a new convert to mustaches because of my man, but also because of the clever and fun Movember campaign. Now that we are officially into Movember month, I am seeing posts and hearing about guys I know growing 'staches for a good cause and that makes me happy. Not necessarily because there will be hordes of men walking around town all month looking like 70's porn stars, but because they are doing it for a good cause (or at least most of them are, I hope).

Regardless of my love-hate relationship with facial hair, I can definitely get behind a campaign that uses humour, satire and silliness to raise awareness and money for an important cause. Lets be honest - most men get all squirmy when you talk to them about their health and how they have to take care of themselves - so it's great to see so many of them getting on board for men's health. The genius of the campaign is that it gets men on the men's health bandwagon without actually making them talk about the things that make them squirmy. The squirminess is all wrapped up in a funny, competitive and hairy bow!

But what about women? What can we do? We can't grow mustaches (ok, that's debatable for some, I suppose). But we can still help the boys fight cancer, and have our own fun in the process.


Like she says: "Cancer is a real a-hole".
It's tough sometimes, but we all have to do our part.


Jas said...


I'm with you on the facial hair train. I'm opposed to it. I can't stand it. It's itchy, scratchy, and food gets caught in it that can potentially make it into YOUR MOUTH during make-out sessions and other fun, grown-up activities.

However. Love is love. And it knows no bounds. This includes 'staches.

At least your boy's 'stache is connected to a beard. If it were just a 'stache... well. Yeah.

And Cancer is a real A-Hole. I think that this whole beard growing phenomenon is a fun, spirited way to combat a crippling disease.


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