Monday, April 4, 2011

There's a Red House Over Yonder...

I have been itching to buy a house lately. I have no idea why (one of those mysteries of life). Perhaps it just comes down to getting older and wiser and therefore wanting to prepare for the future more and becoming more aware of the importance of investing. Or perhaps part of it is due to being in a happy relationship that I could see going somewhere in the long-term. There is something about that that makes you think about your future more and what you want it to look like (don't worry I'm NOT rushing into anything with the boy and I hate to go all gushy on you, but I do get a good "vibe" and like to picture what our life will look like in a few years - it's only natural).

I love my apartment, I really do. And I love the lack of responsibility (within reason) of living in an apartment - I mean, how awesome is it that if something breaks, all I have to do is walk next door and get my landlord to come fix it?! Awesome. I just love the feeling of my place too; it feels cozy and I love the eclectic decor (that's my style). I love that it's bright and colourful and a jumble of memories and knick-knacks.

However, you're always hyper-aware that your place is not really "yours". You can't paint the walls a different colour or knock a wall down or add new countertops. You have people above and below you that "share" your space (I live in a flat in a house, so essentially we "share" the house, even though we live separately) and that you have to listen to doing...various things.

Plus, even though generally I love the size and character of the apartment, at times it feels crowded and old. I have very limited storage so sometimes I feel crowded in with "stuff", and dust seems to accumulate everywhere almost as soon as I vacuum. There's not much room for privacy, which means the cat's litter box is in rather close proximity whether you like it or not.

Alas, there is no way I will be in any financial position to buy a house anytime soon - certainly not even in the next year. Which sucks. It sucks to be in "limbo". However, if this past year or two has taught me anything it's to be patient. I know the day will come when I can buy a house, and that day will be all the sweeter because I will have waited for it and wished for it. Even though I have the urge to buy a home, the urge isn't strong enough to rush into the decision - I want to pay off the rest of my student debt first, finish paying for my computer, buy an RRSP, etc, and of course be sure about the person I am making that purchase with (if I do, in fact, do it with another person and not just myself).

In the meantime, I can placate my urge by looking at photos on Apartment Therapy (and yes, I see the irony in placating my house-buying urges by looking at an apartment-themed website - let me have my coping mechanisms!! besides it's not all apartment photos) that reflect the future space I hope to have - colourful, eclectic, lots of graphic prints, quirky, fun, retro, charming, comfy, warm and bright. Observe:

carrie's place-4.jpg
OK I admit it, I just want the dog, not the space from this photo
(though I would take the ottoman as well)

Giant K's FTW!!


This looks like it's straight out of "Hocus Pocus". Yes?!


Sara Elizabeth said...

I get that itch, too. I do live in a three bedroom home, but I rent. It's not my own. I can't decorate it, do construction, paint, etc. the way I want to. I haven't lived in an apartment for years, but whether I am in an apartment or home it's not ever been my very own. The past two guys I dated owned their homes and that is what really got me wishing I owned my own home. Just the difference in how they were able to live in their space vs. how I am able to live in my space.

Kim Humes said...

Ya there is definitely a difference in how you live in your space if you rent vs. own. And there's just a different "feeling" almost. It IS a big investment though, and I just have to keep reminding myself of that fact lol

Sara Elizabeth said...

A huge investment and not one I personally want to make right now, as I don't plan on living where I am currently living forever. lol

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