Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer Concert

I am really looking forward to an outdoor concert in July (U2 is headlining and I've always wanted to see them live!), and with all this talk of Coachella fashion lately (jealous) it's got me thinking about what I will end up wearing. 

You definitely have to dress practically for these things - especially in Atlantic Canada because there is a 90% chance it will end up raining at some point (plus you are on your feet pretty much all day and/or sitting on dirt). Practical footwear is number one (nothing is more uncomfortable than wet feet (wet=cold), plus who wants their toes stepped on by massive and dirty boots and sneakers?!

Layers are important as well because it usually gets a bit chillier once the sun goes down (so a light sweater under a light jacket is a good idea). A hat and sunglasses are also smart so that your face doesn't burn and your hair doesn't blow around in a massive knot-tornado (I don't know about your hair, but the wind tends to take mine and whip it around harder than Willow Smith. It ain't pretty, so a hat helps keep it in check). 

However, it's always important to look cute as well as practical! Therefore, I love the fun print on the cardigan, the stripes on the romper, the vibrant colour on the sunglasses, and the quirky (and entirely appropos considering the event) ipod earphone necklace.

All in all, the perfect outdoor concert outfit!
Can't wait!

Happy weekend all (I love 3-day weekends, did I mention that?* I'm off to Prince Edward Island all weekend with the boy for some hiking, shopping, relaxing and general exploring. I really need a change of scene and to just "get away". What are you up to?)

*I'm also addicted to Polyvore, but I think I've said that many times

Summer Concert

Summer Concert by shortfuuse featuring a hooded coat
V neck cardigan
$72 -

Toast hooded coat
175 GBP -

Striped romper
$16 -

H by Hudson leather shoes
295 CAD -

Fat Face cross body satchel
35 GBP -

Gold heart necklace
70 GBP -

D g sunglass
$135 -

city walk fedora
$48 -


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