Thursday, January 31, 2013

Harmony & Hope

I think it's safe to say that we have all been touched by cancer in some way. Whether we have battled it ourselves or watched family and friends do so, cancer permeates our lives; infecting all of us, whether literally or figuratively.

While I myself have not lost any close friends or family to cancer, I know many people who have, and I have experienced what it is like to lose important people in my life so I do understand how heartbreaking that can be, especially when the cause is out of your control. There is no question that it changes your life and your outlook on it.

But know what else can change your life and outlook? Music. Charity. Both of these things individually and combined, not to mention the sharing of them between people can bring so much joy, healing and much-needed funds that will ensure more and more people are changed by cancer, not for the bad, but for the good and positive.

The choir that I sing with every Wednesday night - the Dalhousie Health Professions Chorale - along with the Chester Brass Band, are performing in a concert on March 3rd that is the epitome of these two elements working together. We will be performing a whole bunch of really fun and touching music, including music from Queen, amazing musicals such as Wicked and Chess, a few traditional celtic and religious pieces thrown in for good measure, and even some Michael Jackson! (there will be NO moon-walking, though. Sorry)

All the funds raised through this concert will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society, specifically directed to the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute/Cancer Research Training Program. This is a Nova Scotia program that funds students training as cancer researchers, and it currently funds a PhD candidate and an MSc student at Dalhousie University. Since I work with graduate students on a daily basis in my job at Dal, I also feel a special connection to the cause in this way. AND I understand how much time and effort goes into research like this!

However, the fact is, NO funds will be raised without the generosity of people like you! If you want to enjoy a fun and relaxing night of music and entertainment, please consider buying a ticket to the Harmony & Hope concert (I mean, if nothing else, you will get to see ME and there's nothing wrong with that!). You can even dedicate a song to someone special (Valentine's Day IS coming up)!

If you can't make it on the 3rd, you can still support the cause - I joined the fundraising team for this event and I would love it if you would donate through me! Even a couple of bucks helps, if that is all you can spare. And it is SUPER convenient because it can all be done online! Need I remind you that tax season is coming up?? (*ahem* !tax-receipts! *cough*). Visit my personal page to make a donation here. I even made a $25 donation to myself to kick-start things, so I am putting my money where my mouth is. Now it's your turn! Thank you SO much in advance!

Help me and all the wonderful singers and musicians support cancer research in Canada. The fact is, without money, there can be no research and without research there will never be a cure. Help us keep harmony and hope alive for all Canadians.


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