Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Style

Ah, this glorious time of year when the weather (finally!) starts to warm up, the days get longer and the sun comes out - I. Love. It. I love the crispness and scenery of the Fall but at heart I am a sun-worshipper. Alas, I live in a place where almost half the year is winter (i.e. freezing, wet, snow, slush, blech) but that makes the sun that much sweeter when it comes.

I really should have been born in California.

Just last weekend I put away my winter clothes and coats and hauled out the summer-wear - shorts and sandals and beach cover-ups. It felt great to refresh my closet. However, this new feeling of a fresh beginning has me itching to pick up some new warm-weather pieces too. Here's what I am currently coveting:

1. Mediterranean-style wedge sandals

I have had a pair of metallic wedges with turquoise accents (a hand-me-down from mum) that I just love for a few years, but one of them is literally coming apart! Methinks it's time to retire them (*sadface) and get something new. I love the style though, so I would love to get something similar...something such as:

These are a little higher than I would normally wear but I love the embellished straps!
Mediterranean-style shoes are perfect for summer - casually dressy and conjure images of turquoise waters, white-sand beaches and tanned limbs. And although I love the look of heels I just can't do them unless I know I am going to be mostly sitting - they kill my feet and I am not good at walking elegantly in them. A wedge is a way to have the height and flattery of a heel but keep the comfort!

All shoes from

2. Gingham shirt

I saw one of these super-cute tops at Old Navy last time I was in there and I had it in my hand to try on, but for some reason I ended up putting it back. Haven't been able to get it out of my head since (go figure). I have a hard time finding button-up shirts that fit (I have small shoulders and chest + wide hips and butt so often they are too big on the top, too small on the bottom) so unless the shirt has stretch or is made in a wider cut on the bottom, they don't work for me. I liked the lightweight fabric of it and the versatility of the piece is second-to-none - you can wear it to work under a sweater, vest or jacket or on the weekend tied or left open over a tank. Alas, I think the ones at ON may be gone now, but I plan on keeping my eyes open for another in my travels! Now I just have to decide if I want a red or blue check (orrrrr both?).

3. Funky pants

I have been intrigued by the printed pant trend for a while now - however, I have been scared to try it. I am uncertain they would look good on me because I have a curvier bottom-half, but part of me thinks I just haven't found the right style yet. I think a pair in a more streamlined shape or a simpler print (e.g. two neutral colours) would be most flattering, such as:

I love the Rorschach-style of this print and the neutral colours would make them easy to coordinate in many outfits. But these springy, floral ones are great too:

Obviously this print is more loud but the cut is slimmer which means they are still flattering. A floral is just so fresh for spring/summer! Maybe one of these days I'll take the plunge! In the meantime, I can dream :)

What are your summer fashion picks? Any pieces are you coveting for the warmer season? Do you have a summer "uniform"? Are you getting excited by the coming of the new season?


Allison said...

I have the opposite problem with button-downs - too tight on top. Stupid shirts only fitting one type of body!

mylifeasneerol said...

I'm a literally rectangle with boobs, so I find button ups hard to find too. Usually, I got with an oversized one and just make it pretty with a belt, or where a cardigan over it. Button ups are so classic.

Also, LOVE the white wedge sandals!

Ps your blog is very cute :)

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