Tuesday, February 28, 2012

girl crush

Just when I thought I couldn't have more of a girl crush on Emma Stone, she went and pulled this out of her hat at Sunday's Oscars:

(forgive the crappy quality - it's the best I could find)  

This cracked me up, which was refreshing since (frankly) I found most of the show to be quite boring and awkward. I love that she made fun of Ben and (arguably) Anne Hathaway's fake over-enthusiasm at last year's ceremony but in a very goofy and non-threatening way. This routine really injected some much-needed fun and silliness into the broadcast and I am thankful to her (and Ben) for that. 

I have had a little girl crush on Emma since I saw her in Superbad (that glossy hair! Jealous!), but that crush has only grown watching her career take off the past couple of years. 

For one thing, she is gorgeous but not intimidatingly so - I could see myself sitting next to her in class or something (could you see yourself sitting next to someone like Angelina Jolie in class? Yeah, don't think so. She would burn little holes into the side of your head if she ever lowered herself to turn and look at you). I also have a mild obsession with redheads because I have a secret wish to have natural ginger hair. So much more exciting and vibrant than boring brown (don't we all want what we weren't born with, ladies?):

I mean, look at the colour! So vibrant and rich!
Aside from her looks, her personality is just so approachable - she seems like someone you would want to be friends with. She seems like the kind of person who would sit up until the wee hours listening to you blab on about your boy troubles and would say exactly what you want to hear - good advice but sugarcoated just enough to still be "on your side". She seems REAL. Genuine.

At the same time, I get the sense that she is someone who would always be up for a good time. She would likely spontaneously drag you out dancing just to make you feel better about a breakup. I'm sure she would spend an hour curling your hair just the way you want it and would let you borrow her new leather boots so you feel extra sexy. I bet she would make you laugh your guts out by making entertaining, sarcastic comments about everyone in the bar and would be the last one on the dance floor with you. She would also protect you from creepers - an essential quality for a bff (trust me, I know from experience).

She remains poised and down-to-earth although she is smack-dab in the middle of the Hollywood "machine", all the while appearing as though she finds it all rather amusing (and some of it silly). She gives off the vibe that she is just enjoying the ride.

She and I need to go shopping.

Besides, she made out with Ryan Gosling! If we were friends, she could tell me all about it and I could live vicariously (until he comes a-knocking on my door, of course...one day).

Do you have a celebrity "girl crush"? What is it about her that makes you love her so much? 


Jas said...

Girl-crush? Han, I have a crush-crush on Emma Stone!!

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