Friday, May 6, 2011


Let's call this post Thinking Gratefully going Into Friday (aka TGIF - catchy, right? I know, you can say, I'm a genius with the wordsmithing). Though, technically we are going into the weekend, not Friday....ah well, whatevs!

Just a few things that I'm loving this week & this weekend:

* Mocha Coconut Fraps from Starbucks
* My friend Lauren's new wicked awesome blog!
* Realizing there is a Zara and  Forever 21 within walking distance of our hotel in Montreal - WIN!
* Trip planning with the boy (oh so many emails back and forth, but we got some wicked deals on our hotels thanks to his awesomely big brain...ok not writing awesome again)
* It's not raining today!
* Games Night and Retro Dance Party on Saturday!
* Getting back on track with eating and walking
* Getting summer clothes out of storage!
* New writing opportunities (stay tuned!)
* Mentally listing new books I want at Chapters
* Long overdue call with the bestie on Sunday!
* Finding a super cute dress for my friend's wedding at H&M
* Bringing delish homemade chili for lunch every day
* Random dance party to Usher in the car with my sister

Hope your weekend is full of lovely things! Remember to thank and hug your mother!
(Mothers are awes....dammit)


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