Friday, March 25, 2011

This I Know For Sure

On this Friday, I felt I should share some of the important lessons I have learned in my few years on this earth (this isn't counting the years I was on my home planet, of course). Expect your mind to blown all over the entire room after reading these little nuggets of wisdom (don't say I didn't warn you).

A few things I know for sure (or that I'm at least pretty sure about):
* They don't make movies or music like they used to (at least not the ones that are mainstream)
* I honestly have no idea what I did before Internet (but I'm pretty sure I lived in a cave and rubbed sticks together to make fire)
* Cat love never fails to cheer me up (and I want to adopt another cat right now so bad I can taste it! Well, not taste the cat I mean. It's an expression. Can you imagine? Blech)
* Being short is actually kind of awesome - I never have to worry about leg or head room! WORD!
* Whoever invented dessert was an extremely smart person whom I love unconditionally (diddo for those that invented coffeemakers, rice cookers, shoe racks, coloured pencils, firefighter calendars, and BLOGGING!)
* Women make amazing bosses and mentors (I should know, I've only had female bosses, including my mom - though in reality she's not my boss, I just let her think she is)
* You get back what you put in (and that goes for EVERYTHING in life), no matter how bad things get there is ALWAYS someone who is worse off, and things always eventually work themselves out
* I am a very lucky person in many ways and should remember that more often
* I hate winter. And running. And running in winter.
* Politics is essentially playground mud-slinging transferred to adults in suits (with egos the size of Antarctica)
* I can watch the same Friends episodes about 5,467 times and still laugh out loud at the jokes
*I will never marry Kevin Spacey, except in my dreams (still holding out hope for Prince Harry though!!)
* Speaking of the Prince, Will and Kate are a very cute couple but if I hear one.more.effing.word. about their wedding I'm going to go over to England and bomb Westminster Abbey (I think this gem was the last straw for me)
* There are a lot of beautiful things happening in the world, we just have to look for them
* I think there is a significant hole in the ozone just from the Post-Its and pieces of note paper that I use on a daily basis
*I like washing dishes. There, I said it. And, yes, I know I'm weird but thanks for reminding me
* I can't wait to visit Ottawa and Montreal in May - wanderlust is killing me!

And last but not least...
*...I can't wait for the weekend!! I have my mom's car all weekend since she's out of town, which is awesome! Tonight I'll be having a relaxing supper with my sister than going out to a club with some friends and the boy, tomorrow brings laundry, hopefully a call with my bff in Alberta, hiking, dropping my sister at a dance, and having a movie night with the boy. Sunday probably brings more laundry and some other "housekeeping". Not super exciting, but not too shabby either!

What do YOU know for sure? What are you up to this WEEKEND? (it's ok if you have to gather the pieces of your blown brain and put them back in before you answer)


Diana said...

I know this one you mentioned "* There are a lot of beautiful things happening in the world, we just have to look for them" is absolutely true. I think we could all use a reminder to look for these things now and then.

This weekend I am making this It will probably be a two day effort starting with the cake and lemon curd tonight, then assembly and frosting tomorrow. There are two celebrations to fit in tomorrow night, but other than that I hope to lounge and savour the, crosswords (seriously), reading, walking the dogs, & catching up with the DVR.

Kim Humes said...

OH MY GOD that cake looks delicious! Save me a piece, would ya? lol
I'm hoping to lounge too - you just have to do that at some point on the weekend! What I love about weekends is there isn't often anything I HAVE to do or anywhere I HAVE to be so if I don't feel like something I can put it aside in favour of eating or relaxing lol. Hope it's a good one!

Kim @ Say What?! said...

Mind effectively blown. Good job, Humes. Fun fact: my last name also used to start with an 'H'.

Here's what I know for sure:
1. Drinking is almost never worth the hangover or dopey feeling the next day, yet, I will never give it up 100%
2. I can't have a house without a cat
3. I have expensive taste

And for the weekend, I plan to complete chapter one of my time management book, and perhaps visit my Nan.

Kim Humes said...

You're totally spot on with #1 - I find esp the past couple of years I just don't enjoy getting drunk like I used to. Well, I need more drinks to get drunk for one, but I am more aware of the consequences too bc I've experienced them before lol. I also will never stop altogether though - nothing wrong with letting loose once in a while! Hope you have a great weekend!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I love your list and agree with many of your points! :)

Kim Humes said...

Thanks! Always nice to have new readers!

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