Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashion Friday: Man, I feel like a woman*

My favourite outfit this week happened mid-week, which is odd because (and I think I can speak for everyone when I say this) Wednesday is not normally the "peak" day of the week for me. In fact, quite the opposite ("slump" day). Like, you are far away from the weekend on either end, which is slightly depressing.

Anyhoo, I really love this blazer - it's so comfy and instantly makes whatever I throw it onto more polished (I'm definitely seeing a pattern here in what clothes I like/why I wear pieces because I keep writing the same thing every week). It has shoulder pads, which actually I HATE, but these ones aren't too bad. I find the wider shoulder actually quite flattering (I have really small shoulders so I probably should wear padding, but for some reason they always make me feel like a linebacker).

Another pair of flats! Yes, I wear flats a lot. Most of the time actually. I have wide feet and I'm on the go alot so I just can't realistically wear heels like, ever. I LIKE heels and have many cute pairs but I only wear them if I know I'm going to be sitting alot. What I like about these is they closely resemble these popular Tory Burch pair, but were probably 1/5 of the price (thank you, Hudson's Bay Company, which -for the uninitiated-is a great store. Speaking of which, did my fellow Canadians hear that Target is buying up Zellers and about 200 Zellers stores across Canada will be replaced by Targets?! I'm sorry for Zellers, but I'm not going to lie, super excited! I love Target!).

These pants are great too - I got them for (get this) $14.99 on Boxing Day! They are a stretch black cargo pant from Reitmans, which is a chain that sells these great "comfort fit" pants with a comfortable waistline (no buttons or zippers, wide band). And best of all, I didn't have to HEM them! You don't even understand how excited I get when that happens, because...well, it never happens (I'm 5 foot nothing, y'all. No one makes pants for midgets like me so I always have to cut about 4 inches off my pants before I can wear them).

This t-shirt is another one I've had for years - I love the necklace detail on it. It's - you guessed it - comfortable yet polished! Obviously this is my fashion mantra!
I really like menswear looks on women. I don't really know why, I just think pieces like wide-leg trousers, blazers, tweed vests, hats, etc, work really well on women's figures. I find that, since I am curvy and I never like to be too dressy or too "done", menswear looks give me a balance in styling and flatter my shape. I look much better in tailored clothes with some shape - anything too flouncy or fluttery just makes me look like A) a five-year-old, or B) a super-fat five-year-old (either way = bad).

I guess in a way, this kind of look remind me of the '70's a lot, too. Man, I love the '70's. And I didn't even live through them (not even close). Have you ever felt a "connection" to a particular decade? Like you feel as though you should have been there for it? That's how I feel about the '70's. Well, and the '60's too. The '80's were a lot of things, but not a great one for fashion (lets be honest here).

Just look what this look did for Woody Allen's career:
If you don't know who this is, then I'm sorry you need to read more magazines and watch more movies. Now!
This look is a little TOO masculine for my taste, though. The key for me is to incorporate lady-like accessories when I wear menswear, to ensure I don't look silly (like I'm wearing my dad's clothes). As you can see above, my flats and jeweled top tone down the masculinity/sharpness of the blazer and pants. It's a great trend to follow if you want to look effortless and not too dressed up.

Here's some other gals who I think pull off the women-in-menswear look perfectly!

Via Harper's
Janelle Monae is just adorable! I would look completely ridiculous in the outfits she wears, but her look suits her perfectly and is really stylish (and she wears pretty much ALL menswear ALL the time)

Via here
Ralph Lauren Rugby
LOVE the middle look. Via here.
Another icon of menswear for women (Marlene Dietrich).
Have a stylish weekend!

*please excuse the stupid title. I'm not really a Shania Twain fan in particular, it just worked for the post. This is the most originality I can manage for a Friday, sorry.


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