Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If You Could Read My Mind, Love

I recently discovered a sweet company through one my favourite bloggers, Bakerella. For those of you who haven't heard of her, she's a "cake pop" maven! If you like baked goods and fun, easy recipes check out her blog ASAP!

Anyway, Chronicle Books (@ChronicleBooks) is the publisher of her cake pop book, and I stumbled upon their website through following her book tour. I'm hooked! They publish really fun, quirky, witty books with some of the coolest graphic cover art I've ever seen. I could spend hours perusing their site. I ordered this book for my mom for Christmas (she makes the best whoopie pies).

So, given how much I love this company, and the fact that I'm a huge book-worm, I was soooo excited to learn about their Happy Haulidays contest.

By blogging a list of Chronicle books (valued at up to $500!) I would love to see under my Christmas tree, I'm automatically entered to win said list! Better yet, anyone who comments on my post will win the list too! (ahem, hint hint)

It would be so amazing to win up to $500 in books - I wouldn't have to buy a book for two years! I mean, I love me some books, but they can be pricey and I'm one of those wierdos who likes NEW books and therefore frequents bookstores and when I really should be visiting the library (oh hello, budget, haven't seen you in a while!). Feeding my habit can get pricey so needless to say, winning a huge stack of lovely books would be very much appreciated. If I won, I probably wouldn't leave my apartment for, oh, a month or two because I'd be too busy caressing all the cute covers and absorbing every whimsical word.

The only issue is there are so many books on the site that I'd love to read, it was hard to narrow it down (believe it or not the list below IS in fact a narrowed down list!). Don't say I didn't warn you ahead of time about the book greediness (what?! All they said was $500 limit, and I'm well within that! Don't judge me!). This means there are too many for me to write a little blurb about every single one, so photos (and short comments here and there) will have to suffice. Photos are better anyway because you can get an eyeful of the aforementioned gorgeous cover graphics! Behold the awesomeness (and pray to the book gods for me to win - draw is Dec 13th)! *remember to comment below if you want to be entered to win too!*

I am CONSTANTLY writing myself notes, so this would be very handy

Yes, Kerry, please help me 

Such a sweet story behind this one!


Considering my financial sitch I'll be renting, oh, forever so new decor tips would be great!


I love to doodle and colour!
Frida Kahlo is one of my fav artists. I just read a novel that features her and really enjoyed it

Bahahaha. Oh cat lovers and their silliness

I really miss doing yoga, and lets be honest, we could all use a little "om" in our workday once in a while, am I right?

J'adore dips, and everyone loves the person that brings dip to the party!

Just something I wanna learn more about...

In conclusion, I'd just like to say that books are the shiz. Listen to Levar Burton kids, "take a look, it's in a book!"

Happy Reading!


RunDiRun said...

I wouldn't even know where to begin! I feel like I'm going to spend a long time on the Chronicle Books site later...oh dear...:)

Kim Humes said...

Don't say you weren't warned!! I found myself in just such a situation

Disjecta Membra said...

Great list! Best of luck.

If you'd like to comment on mine:

pmathers at jps dot net

Molly said...

Lovin your list! Good Lucke!

Mollydedwards AT yahoo DOT com

moonsword said...

great list! best of luck!

Haylee said...

Wow please win! I seriously think I would cry if I won all these books!


Lindsay Conner said...

Great list! I'd love to own Stuff on My Cat. My list is at:

jcamp2020 said...

What a nice list. Good luck to both of us! And thank you
Chronicle Books.

jcamp2020 at aol dot com

Joanne said...

What a great list of books!


darlanpaulsmamma said...

love your book list, love the variety..i can get lost in books for days - i would love to win!!
melissa.barnes76 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Fun list! This is such a great event! Good luck to us both! =)

stilettostorytime at gmail dot com

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